We’re Hiring

At GW HQ, our team is hugely important. Every single team member. Hiring people who align with our values and mission is our priority, so please read through those first and if they connect with you, read on and see if the opportunities we have available are a good fit.


We are a values led company, and are only interested in developing a world class company, with world class values. 

Our mission is to change lives by empowering and helping online business owners create profitable, sustainable, legacy led businesses that create the wealth they need to make big change in this failing world. 

Core Values

Integrity. This runs through all we do and is our guardrail for all decisions we make and how we show up in the world. It means doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. It means making tough decisions. It means having hard conversations, but we’re available for that.

Innovation: We’re here to create change, to help people take their innovative ideas to market and make a difference to this world. We’re here to be the visionary, always looking for the next best solution. Our mantra: How can we do it better?

Connection: Everything starts with this. Once we connect to our audience – truly, madly, deeply – that’s when the magic happens. We’re here to create growth with soul, and that starts with creating deep connections and improving lives. We’re not about vanity metrics, we’re about relationships – always. 

Diversity + Inclusion + Equity

Our team, clients and suppliers come from all walks of life. We work with great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger. If you share our values and our enthusiasm for inclusivity, diversity and equity, you will find a home here.


Operations Manager

Who does role this suit:  We’re looking for an intrapreneur rather than an entrepreneur, someone with vision but who wants to do that inside of our company, rather than build their own. We’re not here to help you build your business, we’re here to invite you to join a progressive team who want to be part of our company growth over the next few years.

This is a role that will grow into something bigger for the right person, potentially becoming a permanent senior position with autonomy and shares. 

If that excites you, then please read on.

Role Description: The right hand to the CEO, this person has a 360 view of the company and all projects. They can easily project manage, utilising the full team and systems available, ensuring that the CEO isn’t pulled into these areas as they are easily managed by them and the team. They ensure that the CEO is kept fully in her genius zone to focus on client delivery, innovation, creation and business growth.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Manage the sales pipeline to ensure all prospects are followed up and looked after.
  • Manage the SOPs, ensuring they are up to date.
  • Manage the GW HQ Filing System on Google Drive and ensure back-up and confidentiality at all times.
  • Manage the client folders and ensure alignment with GDPR and confidentiality.
  • Manage all passwords and team accessibility and confidentiality to ensure privacy and protection.
  • Oversee all checkout and invoice set-ups to ensure the right amounts are collected and all overdue payments followed up.
  • Manage our client experience process to ensure all enquiries, feedback and complaints are handled positively. All clients, no matter where they are in their journey with us, should feel respected, cared about and looked after.
  • Handing over new client onboarding to the VA and ensuring the process runs smoothly and all clients are excited about their investment and next steps.
  • Ensuring all client offboarding is handled positively and sensitively so they feel loved and appreciated.
  • Ensuring all systems, processes and automations to streamline and systemise the company are running smoothly, utilising the VA, Marketing Exec and Tech Assistant.
  • Track all payments and follow up on any overdue.
  • Project planning and overseeing all projects and moving parts, to ensure deadlines are reached.
  • Ensuring all website and landing page updates are completed to deadline via the Copywriter and Tech Assistant.
  • Being proactive with the running of the team by suggesting improvements, systems and workflows to optimise results. 
  • Manage the client feedback process and report to CEO for client services and program improvement.
  • Feedback on all projects in the weekly Monday meeting, taking notes and ensuring all team members action their tasks – including the CEO.
  • Overall management of the Project Management system to ensure all team members are taking action to deadline. 
  • Working with the CEO, creating launch and campaign plans and then actioning them, allowing the CEO to focus on the essential elements she needs to show up for.
  • Ensure all marketing, launches and campaigns create as much reach, engagement and conversions as possible. Creating highly engaged viral campaigns is always the target.
  • Gather monthly KPIs from Marketing Executive and VA and report the essential numbers.
  • Ensure all evergreen funnel elements are connected and working.
  • Be the second in command if people are desperate to speak to the CEO and manage their requests.
  • Create content workflows to ensure all new content is created and delivered across the team, including lead magnets, webinars, challenges, experiences etc.
  • Oversee Marketing Executive activities as she learns the new role, to ensure she’s supported.
  • Manage the Coach Team in terms of support and expectations.
  • Manage the Content Plan and ensure all team members deliver to deadline (especially the CEO!).
  • Manage the affiliate side of the business, ensuring all affiliates are looked after and performing to bring in leads and revenue.
  • Come up with improvement ideas across all elements of the company.

Success Criteria/Outcomes: 

  • Positive client experience as demonstrated through strong positive client feedback, engagement, and retention.  
  • CEO feels supported and does not have to deal with your area of the business because you own your role and can intuit next steps without requiring micromanaging.
  • Self-starter and self-sufficient, can intuit your way into solutions and can figure things out on your own without needing a ton of direction
  • Able to take on managerial responsibility for your role and frequently make creative and efficient suggestions to the CEO to improve quality and streamline processes.

Functional Skills: 

  • You will have a few years experience, so if you’ve recently qualified this isn’t the role for you. We need someone to hit the ground running without too much support.
  • Project management skills. 
  • Team management skills.
  • Proficient in marketing and sales.
  • Proficient in software platforms including Google Docs/Drive, Google Calendar and Calendly, Clickup, Asana, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Typeform, Kajabi, Active Campaign, Thrivecart, Help Scout or Live Agent.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral.
  • Able to work alone without being managed.

Cultural Behaviors: 

  • Extremely detail-oriented in all tasks. Typos drive you nuts and you never let one get past you (you may have spotted one or two on this page)!
  • Forward-thinking and proactive–always ten steps ahead of the CEO and can predict what will be needed.
  • Identifies problems ahead of time before CEO notices them and works with the team to resolve potential problems that may arise without disturbing CEO.
  • Enjoys learning new skills and is passionate about the mission of the company and company’s brand. Understands they are the outward face of the company and strives to be an excellent company ambassador in that regard.
  • Strives to take full ownership of role, makes suggestions where processes could be more efficient, thinking 10 steps ahead.
  • Attention to high level quality at all times with all things that are the face of the company (spelling in emails, communications are flawless etc…).
  • High transparency, open information sharing, across all roles and functions.
  • Strong team playing, coordination and collaboration.
  • Self-motivated and strong self-starter.
  • Models adaptability and the ability to solve problems quickly with little to no direction.
  • Strong people skills, demonstrated by actively cultivating resilient and productive working relationships with mutual high regard and trust.
  • Seeks to grow and be with the company long-term 

More about us:

We have a wonderful team environment, lively and fun team meetings and this is a place where your creativity, your a-player attitude and your input is valued.  

Everyone on the team is a rockstar and the team is passionate about representing the values of the company and going above and beyond the basics.  CEO has a strong desire for everyone on team to feel happy, healthy and in their zone of genius.  

CEO also values the growth of each contractor on the team.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to grow and be of support to a company doing great things in the world and changing people’s lives.

Hours:  15-20 hours per week with a 3 month trial period, adding more hours as needed. You should be available weekdays between 10-4pm (we understand that you will have other clients, it’s not about “being on call” it more about us knowing when you work and when you will be available for us to contact you). This is a contractor role only for now.

Start date: First week of January 2021

Deadline for applications: 27th November 2020.


Please don’t contact us about this role, all enquiries and applications need to come through the above link only. Anything outside of that will be ignored (sorry, we have  no time – hence the need for this role!).