Hey, you made it!

I’m delighted to have you inside of my list. The word ‘list’ doesn’t do it justice really. Because it means far more to me than a simple list. It’s the place where we get to know each other (and yes I mean ‘each other’, because I love two way conversation and I’d love you to respond to me). It’s the place where I’ll share my deepest, darkest thoughts on business growth and all that means. It’s the place where I’ll share all the knowledge I have to help you grow YOUR business, and take your life to another level.

Here’s what tends to go down.

On Tuesdays we ping out my latest podcast episode.

On Thursdays I send you some of my best content across mindset + strategy + action.

And in between those times, well I share golden nuggets as and when they come up (those things don’t tend to be planned).

If any of that gets a bit too much, or you change focus, there will always be an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email for you to do just that. I’ll miss you though.

Sound good? Excellent, then let’s do this.