Hello, welcome to my world. This exciting online world is where I get results for people like YOU. You’re here because you’re looking for a business mentor, or a growth strategist, or a mindset coach, or a right-hand leader you can trust. Someone who will help you get those results you crave, dammit!


You’re an online entrepreneur, expert, coach, strategist or service based business owner and you’re already on the cusp of six figures or multi-six figures,  but you need the guidance and support from someone you can trust, someone with a tonne of experience in this area, someone who can support across strategy, structure, systems and high-performance mastery that spans the mindset and energetics of your next level.

You might be fully booked and ready to scale, but you have no idea what to do next as you’re stuck on the entrepreneur hamster wheel and it’s too scary to jump off.

Or you would love to take your current coaching, consultant or strategist business to the next level by becoming a certified Online Business Coach or Consultant, helping others create sustainable success online with my licensed frameworks and methods.


I’m Gemma (she/her) and I’m called many things: Business Coach, Online Business Mentor, Growth Strategist, Mindset Coach, Energy Practitioner, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Business Consultant, Empath, Intuitive, Healer and probably a few more (but let’s not go there).

I’m not a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. I’m a master of this online business world and a true, award winning, testimonial fuelled expert in each of those areas up there, built on over 22 years of corporate, agency, brand and small business experience.

My unique mix of business-smarts, psychological-insight, mindset coaching skills, energy editing knowledge, digital-mastery and intuition means I have all the important stuff covered. I didn’t appear in a puff of Internet smoke 2 years ago after deciding to jump aboard this online business bandwagon with big, bold, false claims. I earned my stripes over 22 years of business success, almost a decade of those online, for me and my clients. What I deliver is tried, tested and true. Real results, from a real mentor.

To be honest, I do wear a lot of hats and that’s what makes me unique. I bring to you an impressive integrated knowledge. You see I love this online world. Right from the Dot Com days, while Facebook was merely a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye, I was mesmerised by the Internet, so making a career out of it was a natural step.

I’ve worked as a consultant for global brands and corporates, a partner for agencies and a mentor for small business owners, and I’ve loved every minute.

But more than that, I’ve navigated childhood trauma, bullying, introversion, imposter syndrome, burnout and created all that I have with ADHD. I understand the nuances of being human as you build success and prioritise support for that.


Our mission is to change lives by helping people to create profitable, sustainable, legacy businesses.


Integrity. This runs through all we do and is our guardrail for all decisions we make and how we show up in the world. It means making tough decisions, it means having hard conversations, but we’re available for that.

Innovation: We’re here to support change, to help people take their innovative ideas to market and make a difference to this world. We’re here to be the visionary, always looking for the next best solution.

Intimacy: Everything starts with this. Once we connect to our audience – truly, madly, deeply – and create intimacy that’s when the magic happens. We’re here to create growth with soul, and that starts with creating deep connections.


We believe in diversity, inclusion and equity. We’re doing the work, behind the scenes, to unlearn and create the lasting change needed to break down learned behaviours and uphold equality through every fabric of society.

We’re working on creating more supportive and diverse solutions within the company to build a culture that is inclusive for staff and clients alike. We’re committed to creating equal rights and social justice for all.

We choose to only work with those who share these commitments.


We do that at my company, The Lighthouse, where we shine the light on ethical ways to grow and scale online.