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Once you generate revenue in your business, things start to look up. You feel like you may just be be onto something. That this entrepreneur life might just be for you.

But often, this is where you end up getting stuck. You want to go bigger, you want more, but something is in your way. If only you could work out what it is…

After working with online business owners for many years, I see the patterns. You long for more revenue, more impact, more influence, but nothing seems to be working. That big personal vision feels a long way off, because everything seems so hard.

You’ve tried all the tactics. The shiny new strategies that don’t work. You spend hours creating content and the result is … crickets. You waste hours on social media, only to feel like everyone else has this all worked out except you (they don’t, by the way).

You’re spending time on things you shouldn’t,
in fact, if there was an award for procrastination, you’d score the gold.

Your doubts and fears are running the show, telling you you’re not good enough to do this and making you take two steps back after gingerly taking that one step forwards.

You wish there was an easier way to get through this.

And there is.

I created The M.S.A. Method® to help people just like you.

The M.S.A. Method® combines three core principles:

Mindset + Strategy + Action®

All three are essential to success, no matter what success means to you –  income, impact or influence.

When you get each one right, growth is fast.

I’ve been teaching this approach to sustainable business growth for 5 years, and it rarely fails.

But if any of these principles are missing, there’s a disconnect.

Without the right success mindset, you will get in your own way.

Without the right strategy, you will miss that revenue sweet spot.

Without intentional, inspired action, you’ll take two steps forwards and one step back.

Growth requires all three, and this is where I can help.

unique framework for small business growth online


At the core of your success is the right mindset. You can have the best strategy in the world, the best offers, the best sales funnels, but if you don’t have a success mindset locked-in you will block those sales and hold yourself back with beliefs that no longer serve you.

By starting with your mindset, you set the right personal foundation for business success, and pave the way for the life you dream of.

The workings of the mind has always been a fascination of mine, which is why I studied for three years for a BA Honours Degree in Psychology and underwent deep Cognitive Behavioural Therapy myself for two years.

I can spot limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage a mile off and have a number of frameworks and strategies to help deal with them.


Creating the right strategic foundation on which to grow your business is crucial. But sadly most business owners, and  many business coaches, focus purely on tactics.

Without strategy, most business owners are flailing around in the dark, fairly sure of their goals but with no idea how to reach them. Or if they ever will.

I’ve created results-driven strategies for everyone from global brands to one woman bands. This is my superpower. I understand how to create the right business model for you, the right income streams to meet your target, the right marketing and sales strategies to smash those targets, the right systems to make your business run like clockwork, and how to combine all of this into one clear, implementable plan.

Small business owners with an annual revenue of up to £500k have one core purpose: to build revenue and profit.

To do this they need to focus on activities that lead to revenue, which means they need to focus primarily on sales and marketing. So once I’ve created a clear business strategy, the right offers, the organisational elements, this is exactly what we do.


Now, creating a success mindset and a powerful strategy is all well and good, but without inspired action, they’re useless. And this is where many small business owners fall down. They get complacent. They procrastinate. They waste time on non-strategic and non-revenue-generating activities that will never get them to their goals.

But by creating consistent, inspired action every single day, you will move towards your end goal faster, and create that life you dream of.


The M.S.A. Method® is applied to everything I do.

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