Social Media & Digital Training

The old adage ‘those that can’t, teach’ doesn’t apply here. I can and I teach. In fact, I really enjoy it. That light bulb moment when the people I’m training suddenly ‘get it’ and become animated about a topic they were initially a little fearful of. It makes me smile every time.

My social media and digital marketing training can take away the fear of this confusing digital world and equip you with the skills to achieve the results you crave.

There is a range of courses available to suit your needs, or if those don’t take your fancy, I can design a bespoke workshop just for you. I can run these at your office if you’re close enough, or virtually using live video software (the benefit of this is that it’s recorded and sent to you afterwards, and can be reused time and time again).

The Starter

This is ideal for those with little or no knowledge of social media (who are probably a little afraid of it, if they’re being honest). There’s no fear of looking stupid in this training and no wrong answers. All questions are welcomed and answered in plain English (although I will give you a glossary of the tech jargon just so you know what everyone else is talking about). This is what you get:

Half-day training for up to 4 people:

  • Introduction to social media and the various platforms
  • The digital playing field (featuring you and your competitors)
  • How to create a social strategy
  • Social integration with other marketing activities
  • Managing your digital brand
  • Tips and tools that make managing it so much easier

The workshop will be fully interactive with live demonstrations of platforms and tools. After the workshop you’ll get a workbook of the session to dip into at your hearts content. If it’s run virtually, you’ll also get a recording of the session.

Want to get started with The Starter? Email us here to book.


The Intermediate

Ideal for the smarty pants who already understands the basics of social media but wants to make it work harder for them.

Half-day training at your offices for up to 4 people:

  • Current state of play and future trends.
  • Review of your digital footprint with improvement suggestions.
  • Developing your strategy from social media to social business,
  • Creating winning content.
  • Finding the right people to engage with.
  • Measurement and reporting.

The workshop will be fully interactive with live demonstrations. After the workshop you will get a workbook of the session, just in case you didn’t scribble everything down. If we run this virtually you also get a recording of the session.

Ready to get started? Ping me an email here to book.


One for the Bosses

It’s crucial that business leaders understand the importance and implications of social media for their business. We’ll look at social from the boardroom perspective and deal with the not-so-small small matter of ROI, crisis management, how social is affecting business now and in the future, budgets and how best to manage it.

Half-day training at your offices, either 1-to-1 or for a number of your senior team:

  • Where we are with social today and future trends.
  • Your current social media performance and improvement suggestions.
  • Keeping an eye on the industry through social media.
  • Return on investment: How to get it and how to measure it.
  • What if it all goes wrong? The importance of crisis management.
  • Managing social to ensure you get the most from it.

There will be plenty of time to pose all manner of questions so do come armed with any specific issues you have. And of course, you will receive the workbook from the session and, if we do this virtually, a recording of the session.

If you would prefer something less structured, I also provide 1-to-1 mentoring over a number of hourly sessions to suit your needs.

If any of those take your fancy, or you’d like me to come up with a course just for you, email us here.