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Simply Smart Social Strategy

Struggling to get the results you need from social media?


Spending time Tweeting, Facebooking, Linking, Scoping, Pinning, Snapping and Gramming and getting nothing back?Lurking on the sidelines of social media, knowing you need to use it for your business, but you have no idea how?

Then, my friends, I have something for you.

I’ve been creating social media strategies for over a decade. I was the first to create a social media strategy for the BFI London Film Festival and have created strategies for the Global Fashion Awards, Newcastle Brown Ale, University of Hertfordshire, Crew Clothing and hundreds of small businesses.I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and now I’m sharing that with you. You lucky things.

My Simply Smart Strategy Ebook gives you all you need to create your own results fuelled social media strategy.

The Ebook takes you through the following 10 Stages


  • Getting buy in
  • Finding your audiences
  • Goals and objectives
  • Developing tactics
  • Measurement
  • The content plan
  • Defining your resources
  • Guidelines and training
  • Ongoing management
  • Your Toolkit

How would it feel to receive daily notifications from your loyal Facebook fans?

The ting ting ting of Twitter as people love, retweet and respond to your Tweets?
The daily rise of your community numbers across your carefully selected social media channels?
The increase in social traffic to your website and the rising conversion rates?

Pretty good right?

Well this is what happens when you have the right strategy.

The beautifully designed Ebook and Workbook gives you the space to create your own strategy and this will become your bible.

The Ebook & Workbook cost just £36/$50 (ex VAT for UK folk)

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