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Brands // Birra Moretti, Foster’s, Newcastle Brown Ale, Reckitt Benckiser, Soap & Glory, Wagamama, The National Trust, RS Components.

Entertainment // A&E Networks, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Fox, Kudos Film & TV, London Film Festival, Momentum, National Geographic, Red Planet, Stage Entertainment, The British Film Institute, Universal.

Design and Branding // 1HQ, Dexter Moren, Fereday Pollard, FutureBrand, PDD, Promise Communispace, Engine, Precipice, Scott Brownrigg, Shed, APD Interiors, Eckersley O’Callaghan, Loft, Produce UK, Nulty Lighting, Da Fonseca Interior Design.

Fashion // Global Fashion Awards, WGSN, Crew Clothing, Sefton Fashion, Songa Designs.

Agencies //  Immediate Media, Emoderation, Transmute, Aesop, Premier PR, MPR Consulting, Leland Music.

Healthcare //  Roche, Janssen

Associations //  IPSE, Design Business Association.

Crowdfunding projects  // Get Rachel to Ghana, Draw the Line Here, Midnight of My Life, London Symphony, Harry Specters Chocolates, Heidi & Adele, Goods4Good, Lovesong Of The Electric Bear, Josiah Mortimer, Ray Quinn, Dogs of War. All fully funded.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs //  Over 1000, and I remember all of them. From solo entrepreneurs to those with a team. I adore each and every one of them who has shown up, done the work and faced the downs as well as the ups in this crazy entrepreneur journey.

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Gemma is brilliant at opening the door to what is possible. She’ll show you how you can understand and achieve your goals and pivot your business to become something that you will be proud of.

Julia James

Gemma is amazing and an expert in her field. Since completing the programme, I have changed my pricing, gained more confidence and am fully booked 2 months ahead in my small business.

Paloma Forde

Gemma is the real deal and hands down one of the best mentors I have worked with! She was the first person to really believe I could hit six figures, even though that meant doubling my income!

Sharn Khaira

My business increased 65% from having her support and constant encouragement. I know a lot of the biz stuff but I still needed this lovely legend in my life to support me through my next uplevel.

Jo Bendle

Thank you so much. I set the intention to commit to working through your strategy workbook and just had my aha moment, the reason I do what I do, and felt such a rush of passion flood through me. In deep gratitude to you.

Nicola Lucie

This is the best investment ever, because of the integrity and generosity she has. She’s all about your success, but more importantly she’s about helping you identify where you can be successful and has the systems to get you there.

Charlaine Jannerfeldt

Gemma has a wealth of experience and loves what she does. I know that she wants my success probably more than I.

Martine Metaxes

Her structure and systems are making so much sense to me and make me feel like it’s totally achievable. Goodbye overwhelm.

Kirsty Wick

She was a blessing that came into my life at the right time. If you get a chance to have her in your life and your business, grab it, you won’t regret it.

Rachel Foy

Being part of Gemma’s mastermind is an amazing experience – a focused boost for your business, with likeminded, wonderful people.

Elsewine Rietveld

Gemma gets you to answer the hard questions, to dig deep to bring out your unique message & learn how to grow.

Olivia Hill

Gemma’s ability to understand each business, offer bespoke guidance and enable peer support is phenomenal.

Marie Yates

Gemma takes you on a journey of highs and lows but gets the best out of you and the end result will only end in success.

Kara Goodrich

Gemma’s the real deal. There is no cookie-cutter stuff, no fluff. Gemma goes above and beyond.

Noomi Natan

Gemma made sense of my desire to grow yet spoke to the anxiety in my voice about how to go about doing it.

Sarah Sternberg

Give her your problems, and she’ll generously solve them. I’m on target to have doubled my income this year and I’ve hit goals that I dreamt of for 10 years within 4 months!

Anna McGloughlin

If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it with both hands and don’t let go. She WILL help you change your life.

Karen Quinn

Her methods and framework for getting out of overwhelm and into action are awesome. Her ideas and direction are invaluable. Her generosity, her listening, her love are unparalleled.

Tracy Litt-Lester

Gemma is a fantastic strategist and mentor. She truly cares about her clients and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for business clarity and mentoring.

Chichi Eruchalu

She has a wealth of experience and possibly wants my success more than I, and it’s not just a question of ‘her client success rates’ it’s something she lives and breathes.

Martine Metaxas

I’m a fussy kind of person and integrity, transparency and generosity are super important to me… Gemma has these qualities in bucket loads. If it calls to you, don’t hesitate, book her.

Pea Horsley

She saw the potential in my business and it took her trust in me to allow me to see my worth! Big moment for me.

Sharon Burgess

I just calculated that I’ve sold over £20k this month ALONE! That’s my best month ever! Pinch me!

Hilde Kloppbakken

Being part of her mastermind has been nothing short of game-changing. She truly helped me see the value in my work.

JJ Miller

Gemma really is the real deal… she is honest, genuine and she knows her stuff. This last 10 months has been the turning point of my business.

Marie Houlden

I have never felt as supported in business as I have while on Gemma’s Mastermind. The structure, the resources, the process…do the work, and it works!

Julie Creffield

Gemma is a superb leader with enormous integrity. Mindset, Strategy and implementation is what she promised and she completely over delivered.

Glyniss Trinder

Gemma’s mastermind has been invaluable for my personal development and ultimately forging who I am as a woman in business. I learned the things I didn’t know I needed to learn and I changed in ways I didn’t know needed changing.

Joyce DeBakker

Her masterminds are where the alchemy happens – the combination of Gemma’s brilliant expertise and intuition, and the power of the group she puts together, turns lead into gold.

Abigail Webber

Gemma has helped me to shape an entire new secondary business, which has started to earn some significant amounts of money. Perhaps more significant is that I can see the continued potential and I have the roadmap.

Justina Rosu

Gemma is a wonderful person with a big heart, who always has your back. She helps you realize your strengths, believes in you when you lose hope, and helps you get back on your feet again.

Gokce Bulgan

If you are on the fence about joined one of Gemma’s masterminds, DO IT! Take a leap of faith and invest in not just your business but yourself.

Rose N

Being part of Gemma’s Mastermind was an amazing experience! She fosters such a fun, supportive and loving environment making her Mastermind a great place to learn, exchange and grow.

Becca Willcott

Without Gemma, it’s unlikely that I would ever have found the courage to take my business to the next level. The mastermind changes your mindset as well as your knowledge, and moves you to the next stage.

Bertie Ekperigin

Gemma walks her talk. If she asks you to do the work, it’s because she does it herself, and her results show that it’s worth it. She leads by example, with integrity, taking responsibility for her own results, and encouraging you to do the same.

Sonja Shahan

Before starting the Bootcamp I was just managing my business one project at a time. Gemma helped me to create a broader vision in which I can create my projects.

Mags Thomson