Speaking & PR

I’m a regular speaker, writer, panelist and podcast guest on the topic of small business strategy, digital marketing and social media. Recent gigs have included:


From Unemployed to EntrepreneurHuffington Post
8 Office Must Haves – The Telegraph
What career advice I’d give my younger selfKubix Media
No Budget for Social Media? No problemFresh Business Thinking
Twitter gives users more leeway with their 140 characters –
Why social media connections power growing business – The Telegraph
What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains? – The BBC
The age of social media. Could you give it up? The Independent
Intelligent Social Media: Using the Social Web to Monitor, Measure and LearnBrighttalk
Marketing Automation on a ShoestringSocial Media Today
I’m also a retained writer for Marketing Donut.


Build Your Business, Uplevel Your Life.
Likeminds Innovation and Ideas Festival
IPSE Women in Freelancing Event
Silicon Beach
Technology For Good


Carrie Green’s She Means Business
Adrienne Dorison’s School of Self Mastery
Jenn Turrell’s Financial Fluency

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For those of you interested in featuring me for an Interview, Q&A or Summit

Thanks so much for thinking of me, I LOVE interviews and Q&A sessions and am happy to do this via copy, recorded video, live streaming or podcast.

However, I don’t do summits. Sorry.

Sadly, the summit industry has been ruined by a few people running them badly with joint venture deals I oppose to. Basing my collaboration purely on my list number or my community size just isn’t my jam. I also struggle to be told to send x number of emails to my list on x dates. You see my list is REALLY important to me and I only share what I genuinely feel helps them, and that does include places where I’m featured, when that’s right.

So here’s how things work around here, I hope it works for you too:


  1. Do interviews (audio/video/written) on business strategy, business growth, reaching the big scary six figures, digital marketing strategy, social media and cocker spaniels (the latter isn’t as popular, which is surprising).
  2. Do Q&A’s LOVE THESE and can really get stuck in.
  3. Promote via 1 tweet to my twitter list
  4. Promote with one post on Facebook.
  5. Provide a training of your choosing as a giveaway.
  6. Consider you as a guest on my podcast, if the topic is right for my audience. You can get an idea of that from listening to a few examples right here.


  1. Be part of any conference or event that doesn’t ensure diversity and inclusion are a priority when selecting their line-up.
  2. Send out a separate email to my list about the interview
  3. Do any special content creation in preparation for the interview
  4. Create any other freebies for your audience
  5. Give out the size of my email list
  6. Give out the size of my social media community.
  7. Become an affiliate of any program that I have not personally taken.

I do find spelling this out now, saves loss of time and energy down the road. So if you’re down with these, then email me here. with your proposition. I’m all ears!