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I’m a regular speaker, writer, panelist and podcast guest on the topic of motivation, mindset, small business strategy, digital marketing and social media. Recent gigs are listed below.


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The BBC What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains?

The Independent The age of social media. Could you give it up?  

I’m a regular writer for, Marketing Donut and Start-up Donut.


Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Greater London Borough
Entrepreneurs Champion – Nat West Great British Entrepreneur Awards


UK Business Awards

If you’re interested in having me speak at an event or summit, great! Here’s where I can help:

I love to do interviews (audio/video/written) on online business strategy, online business growth, success mindset, scaling to multi-six figures, success mindset, the different stages of business, digital marketing strategy, social media and cocker spaniels (the latter isn’t as popular, which is surprising).

Here are a few topic examples if it helps:

  • From unemployed single mum to multi-six-figure entrepreneur.
  • How I tackled my fear of visibility to become highly visible online.
  • How self-belief can clear the way for success, and how to create it with my Belief Matrix.
  • How the right success mindset can create the business and life you dream of.
  • My 10-step business strategy framework that gets results.
  • The Smart Marketing System that removes overwhelm and increases focus

If that sounds good, then email me below with your proposition. I’m all ears!