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Have you ever wondered what reality looks like behind those shiny social media facades?

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m introducing a brand spanking new series, The Real & Raw Sessions, where I dive into the reality of running a business and what that looks like, pre-curation.

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Today I want to kick off with a fundamental truth that has been drummed into me over the years, particularly as I’ve started moving in “higher level” circles:

No matter how successful you are, you will still suffer from mindset issues. Another level, another devil, as they say.

A few months back, I started sharing weekly “Friday Fess Ups” with my masterminders, live sessions where I explore the raw reality of my week. What I think surprised everybody is that I still suffer from all of those mind monkeys that plague them (despite my external face that seems to be holding it all together).

I deal with comparisonitis. I’m plagued by visibility fears that make me want to run and hide. I worry that people will judge me.

A lot of this stuff isn’t rooted in business at all; it stems from events from the far past that still have a hold on us today.

For me, it goes back to the days of being horribly bullied at school. Now when I put myself out there and say things, I often worry that I’ll annoy people or rub them up the wrong way. I worry they won’t like me.

These fears aren’t with me 24/7, but when they’re there, they’re THERE.

As an example, recently I went through a bit of an uplevel, and I decided to step into a new phase. As part of that, I decluttered some Facebook groups so that I could have laser sharp focus on my priorities… and it really triggered me. I got hit by all these fears that people would think I’m too big for my boots (when in reality I’m plagued by imposter syndrome all the time)!

This doesn’t go away when you start “proving yourself” with amazing results and testimonials, but this is where the inner work comes in.

It’s the same with mum guilt. I worry that I’m not spending enough time with my son, or that the other mums judge me because sometimes he goes to after-school club.

I worry that every single launch will fail (and end up making myself physically sick every single time).

We’re all the same. No matter what level, we all have this mindset shit to deal with. We’re all work in progress. I think once you realise that you’re always going to be a work in progress, no matter what level you get to, it makes it much easier to actually deal with the stuff day in and day out

See these struggles as an opportunity to do better. Work out strategies to help you deal with your own mind monkeys… just know that they’ll never disappear entirely.

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