Why do we hide our brilliance from the world?

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There’s an interesting phenomenon I see a lot in my clients and community.

I’m blessed to work and be connected with some super-smart humans, with proven talent and skills.

But they hide them.

They measure that talent against results people have had online, thinking that the results of others, that they themselves haven’t achieved yet, far outweigh their talents and skills, making them somehow less worthy.

So they hide.

The thing is, success wears many hats.

🎩 She can show up as a shit tonne of money, sure.

🎩 But she can also show up as helping people to heal.

🎩 Fixing problems that change lives.

🎩 Creating big ideas that matter.

🎩 Carving out more time.

🎩 Creating an amazing life for you and your family.

🎩 Creating a legacy.

🎩 Learning skills that make a huge difference.

Money is just one measure. There are many more.

But … society has taught us that money = better.

So that’s the yardstick we use.

And when we use this yardstick, we completely forget the credibility and authority we actually have.

We hide our brilliance from the world because we don’t feel worthy or enough to let it truly shine.

This shows up in so many ways:

⚡️ Getting stuck in prepare mode, always working behind the scenes, maybe even sharing on socials that the next thing is coming, but it doesn’t come. The fear of it not working and proving that not-enoughness is too big. This can happen for years.

⚡️ Not sharing the full extent of your experience and talents. Those amazing things you achieved before this online life? Hidden somewhere in the virtual draw of everything, never to be found again. Because somewhere along the line you decided these don’t matter, and you decided that using those scripts and ‘ways of sharing’ taught by others is what will work. Imposter syndrome and comparisonitis are turned up to the max and it stops you from being all you, even though you’re far more talented than many of those you’re comparing yourself to.

⚡️ Jumping from shiny offer to shiny offer, from those who have made the money, thinking this time it might just rub off on you. But it doesn’t, in fact, most of those investments are either never completed because you don’t trust yourself to implement, or they actually aren’t designed to truly benefit your business in massive ways.

⚡️ Not putting yourself out there. You know you need to show up, you have all the content ideas, you did the training. But you don’t. You find all the other reasons not to. Procrastination is your pal so you declutter, sort the kitchen draws, do the cleaning … anything not to show up.

⚡️ Wasting countless hours scrolling socials looking at the shiny success stories. It’s like a scab. You know you shouldn’t pick at it, but you can’t help it. So you pick, and pick, and pick, gradually sinking deeper into those thoughts that plague you (which aren’t true, by the way).

Okay, enough of that doom and gloom, I think you get the picture.

The thing is, you ARE amazing, just as amazing as those you covet and compare. Money is NOT the measure, it really isn’t. Your talents, your skills, your brilliance is the measure, and this is what I want to help you with.

You see, I know all this because it happened to me. Fast business growth, more money I had ever had, I bought my dream home and land, got ALL. THE. THINGS.

But, it felt … empty. It wasn’t until I stepped back and saw things as they truly were, how I still felt not enough, even with all of those things. How I had forgotten all of the amazing gifts and talents I already had and wasn’t using bringing them into my present.

The journey of rediscovery I’ve been on over the past few years, the lessons I’ve learned, have created a whole new mission and way of being for me. Yes, money is still important, it creates the legacy and lifestyle I want, but I look at it with different eyes now. It’s not a measure, it’s simply what I create and attract. Because money doesn’t make me enough, I’m already enough. So are you.

My role is to uncover the brilliance within you, to help you see yourself through new fresh eyes, to see what you already have and what you ‘truly’ need to get you to that next level you crave, to help you step into your authority with confidence and clarity. Not just another shiny thing that won’t be implemented or create real change for you and your clients, but something that will take your existing amazing skills and offer them to the next level in a way that will uplevel you, your business, and the results you get for your clients. I call this the ripple effect, and at the center of that ripple effect is where I sit, quietly calling you in so that I can work my magic on you.

If this has piqued your interest, I have something coming soon you will LOVE. But for now, all you need to do is ‘Save The Date’. It will run on the 11th, 12th and 13th October at 11.30am every morning (BST) both in a private Facebook Group and in your inbox, whichever you prefer.

Pop it in your calendar now, you won’t want to miss this as this time it’s free, next time it won’t be.

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