Which are the top tools and apps?

[tweetmeme]Folks, I have something to ask of you. I’d like to learn which tools and apps (used primarily for business) you can’t live without. The only way of finding that out is to … ASK.

So, I’ve put together a short(ish) survey that should only take around 4 mins to fill in. I know, I know 4 mins is a lot. So I’ll soften the blow a little by offering …

The chance to win £40 or equivalent in gift vouchers to one lucky participant drawn at random*

*Any sneaky folk who skip the questions just to enter the draw, won’t be entered. We’re watching you.

Other than the chance to win £40 worth of Amazon gift vouchers, you also get to:

  • Understand what are the best business tools and apps being used right now
  • Learn about those tools you don’t know about yet

Once the survey has been filled in, I’ll be writing up the results here. I’m hoping they’ll be useful to us all. To get them sent straight to you either subscribe to the blog or pop your details here and I’ll send you the link.

The success of this clearly relies on people filling it in, so if you could share this, tweet this, email this to anyone you know, we’ll get some great results. I’ll leave this up until we’ve had a decent response. So the more this is shared, the quicker it’ll get filled in. And the quicker it’s filled in, the quicker we get the results (and you get the chance to win the vouchers).

I’ll also be happy to provide the full results to anyone that wants to do their own write up afterwards.

Click here to take survey

If you have any comments, feel free to pop them below.

Big thanks for getting involved.

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