When you don’t know, what you don’t know

When I work with pre-six figure business owners, a number of common issues crop up.

Many start the business with no clear strategy, so they focus on tactics they ‘think’ are right for them, but they miss the mark because they’re not driven by a solid strategy that’s fully aligned with their mission, their vision, their purpose and their goals.

They have no idea which business model is right for them, which income streams will generate the consistent income they crave, which customer they need to focus on.

So they bounce from option to option, never really connecting with what’s right for them.

Because, here’s the thing. They don’t know what they don’t know.

They ‘think’ they know. But they don’t


Try being them.

You see most people go into business with an operating system based, mostly, on guesswork and luck.

And that’s ok … to a point.

Experimenting is key in the early stages of any business, you need that time to test ideas and uncover what works for you. Because it’s rarely the idea you start out with.

But at some point you need to refocus and re-align your business with your vision, your mission, your purpose and your goals.

And to do that you need the right support, the right guidance and the right mentoring to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

And this is where it gets crazy making.

There are SO many people giving advice out there.

(And yes I get the irony that I’m – actually – one of them)

So many processes, formulas, systems and they don’t all work. They may well work for the person touting them, but they won’t work for all.

Because we’re all so different, that these step by step formulas just don’t cut it.

As my friend and mastermind buddy Jason Van Orden said recently, it’s about frameworks, not formulas. And that’s what I use within my business.

A set of frameworks that help people to uncover what’s right for them.

That help them to create a bespoke strategy and set of tactics from which to build from.

One that will help them to standout from the crazy crowd. Create the impact and influence they crave and the income they desire.

And THAT’S when they know what they need to know.


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