What’s your mission? Your calling? Your purpose?

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What’s your mission? Your calling? Your purpose?

When you ground yourself in your mission, it creates deep foundations that hold you firm when the winds of turbulence come calling.

And those online business winds blow strong, all the damn time.

When I received my calling, my mission to be a lighthouse in this online business world a few years ago, it felt too big.

Who the hell am I do that? Came up.

Why listen to me? Came up.

“Not enough” wounds resurfaced, calling me to heal some more.

But I stuck with it .. the calling was too deeply connected to my soul. It was too loud to silence.

It wasn’t to be ignored.

This mission has seen me through my hardest phase of business as I dealt with health issues, massive shifts and changes of direction.

Things that may have made me give up in the past.

My mission held me firm.

It created a new brand, my company The Lighthouse Business Academy®, where it stopped being just about me, but about a collective of lighthouses doing great work.

It created my online business coach certification where we’re lifting the standards in the online business world one graduate at a time.

It created my Be The Lighthouse® sub-brand, which started life as a powerful meditation but is now growing to mean and be so much more.

It created my new high value group program, Elevate Collective®, where my focus is on taking our members to the next level, on every level.

Helping them to deeply connect to their mission and be their own lighthouse as they scale a powerful, sustainable business that doesn’t burn them out as they bring their vision to life [more on vision in another post].

It created the fastest growth I’ve had in my business, most of it doesn’t even make sense. Effortless, inevitable growth with no pushing, no launching, just me doing what I love.

We have so many big ideas coming that fall under this one mission:

  • To be the lighthouse, shining the light on wildly effective ways to scale online, standing for what’s right and good, lighting the way for those who get trapped on the rocks of shitty practices and unethical coaches.
  • To create a sea of new lighthouses as we empower our clients and our students to be their own lighthouse, standing tall in their own niche, lighting the way for what’s good and right.
  • Together we stand shoulder to shoulder, as equals, a sense of pride between all of us.

Because a Lighthouse doesn’t need a pedestal.

A Lighthouse doesn’t need to be a guru.

A Lighthouse doesn’t need a cult.

A Lighthouse doesn’t need to do it the way everyone else is doing it.

They makes their own damn rules.

The power of this mission has galvanised me beyond recognition as old beliefs and ways fell away to be replaced with an inner knowing so strong, nothing can sway me off course.

This is what I want for you. But you may not even know what your mission is yet. Or you’ve shrunk it to fit your current energetic bandwidth so it’s shackled, unable to truly make a difference to your business and life.

Well, I’m going to help you with that.

I’m going to turn that light on, brighter and bolder than ever.…………….…………….This is just one of the elements I’ll be sharing in my powerful, new masterclass:

The Path…to effortless sales, dreamy clients and a no launch life.

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