What to do when your thing isn’t selling

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about what to do when your prospects aren’t buying your thing.

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I so often hear people say that they have an engaged community, they have people signing up for their freebies and consuming their content, but those followers aren’t converting into buyers.

If you ever have that problem, I have 8 tricks for you to try that will improve your offer. Don’t do them all at once – test them out one at a time, and measure your results at every step.


Is your thing doing what it set out to do? You have to have absolute belief in your product, so review it. Look at how you can improve it and make it the best thing out there on the market.


Are you absolutely sure of your prospect’s pain points and struggles? You need to dig deep and figure out what conversations they’re having right now. Don’t try to sell them solutions to problems they’re not aware they have.


Are you making the benefits of your offer absolutely clear? And not just like the obvious, the first benefits. You’re giving them the benefits behind the benefits – the things that actually mean something to them. These are the things that are real-life improvements. How will your product really improve their life? You have to make this stuff really obvious.


Are you giving away too much for free? If we have too many lead magnets and the like, we often end up giving away the full solution – then there’s no reason for anyone to actually buy from us, right? Scale your freebies back so they offer part of the solution, but leave people wanting to purchase the next bit.


Are you targeting the right people for you? Do you understand your prospects? Do you know where they’re hanging out? What they’re struggling with? The conversations they’re having? When you dig deep into all of this stuff, you’ll collect really powerful insights that can be woven into your copy.


Are you absolutely fully aligned with your business? Are you working within your zone of genius? Have you got a really powerful message that will make people sit up and listen, and want to connect with you? If you don’t have that, that might be where you’re falling down in your copy. Think about what your message is, and whether it showcase you as the expert or the leader that you are.


A lot of people fall down because they don’t have a clear sales process. So many of us hate selling… but if you don’t sell, you don’t have a business! You have to work out a way of selling that’s really comfortable for YOU. My biggest tip would be to develop some really strong sales scripts that you can use in your emails and on your calls… that’s what I do!


Have you tried to move people from freebie hunters into buyers? Psychologically, once someone becomes a buyer of yours and they’ve bought something that matches what you promised,  they’re more likely to buy from you again. The way to make this change is by offering a really low-cost product, service, or package, known as a tripwire.

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