What to do when you need income fast

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about what you can do if you need a fast cash injection.

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Think about something that you can sell quickly and easily

This shouldn’t be some big course you need to create from scratch. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Offer something that’s been popular before for the next 48 hours, at a slight discount. Or if you don’t want to discount the price (because not everybody does) package it up with a little extra to make the value irresistible.
  • Another option would be to bundle up your passive income offers at a price that’s cheaper than buying everything individually on your website.
  • Put together a one-off live session that walks people through your signature system or framework (with maybe a week of follow-up in a Facebook group).
  • Offer a down-sell (or an up-sell) to people who have been warmed up through your last launch/sales activity.

Get into a selling mindset

You’ve got to be comfortable with selling. You’ve got to switch your mindset from selling to serving. You’ve got to make yourself believe that you selling your thing is actually helping people.

Believe in yourself and your offer

Whatever you’re taking out to the world, you have to believe in it 100%. If you don’t, why would anyone else?

Think about where you’re going to focus your selling

For example:

  • emails, if you’ve got a list
  • your website
  • your blog
  • your podcast
  • all of your different social media channels (and this is in the bio of them, as well as actually in your posts)

List everything out, and don’t forget to include things like Facebook and LinkedIn groups or hashtags you use on Instagram or Twitter.

Get clear about the people, the purpose and the promise

Be clear about your audience and your customers, and then think about their pain points, their problems, their desires, and their dreams. Where are they right now? What are their struggles? What are their problems that this thing solves? What are their dreams?

What is this solution you’re offering? What impact will that have on their lives?

Once you’re clear on the results and the benefits, list out all the features of your offer so you know them intimately.

Write a list of different ways you can sell this offer

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Send a sequence of emails to your list over the course of a week
  • Create a hit list of people you’ve spoken to or worked with in the past that could be a good fit and send them a different email sequence (more personal)
  • Put together a super simple opt-in and/or tripwire
  • Do some free live training with an up-sell to your offer at the end
  • Offer 20 free discovery calls
  • Update all your social media bios and schedule out a series of posts
  • Do a series of daily Facebook Lives
  • If you have the budget, run some Facebook ads to a warm audience
  • Follow up with EVERYONE

Set a goal

Make sure you have a specific target and put it somewhere visible so that it stays front of mind. If any doubts creep in about your ability to achieve your goal, head back to the mindset work.


Celebrate the sales as they come in. I think people forget to do that. It sends a message to the Universe that you’re grateful and want more of the same.

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