What Operating System Are You Running?

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How’s your operating system?

Is it dialled into supporting your growth and your future?

Or is it dialled into the past, stuck in a negative loop?

How we react, how we conduct ourselves, how we interact and how we do EVERYTHING is driven by our own internal operating system.

But which operating system we’re running is very much down to us. If you’ve not upgraded then it could be stuck in the past, and it could keep you there.

Have you downloaded the latest version?

Or are you running on an antiquated system that keeps holding you back?

Because this internal operating system drives ALL of you, and it’s made up of lots of different memories and experiences you’ve gathered along the way.

We can get stuck in these, operating from the past when we should have moved on to support our future.

You see when we want to grow, we often keep brushing up against resistance. Like a massive brick wall that won’t let us through.

We can see the future us, but we can’t get there.

Because we’re basing our decisions and actions on the past or on our current circumstances. Which doesn’t fit the future we want. It doesn’t support the You2.0.

And it never will, until we upgrade our operating system.

So what are the signs that this is happening?

We often feel triggered when others share their success, immediately finding fault with that person or assuming the success came from being shady. “Oh look at her, she’s changed, she’s ALL about the money now!”. Sound familiar?

When things don’t work out, we place blame with others instead of looking internally and taking personal responsibility. We blame the coach, the course, the mastermind, the client, friends, family, the tech … anything to avoid it being about us.

We get caught up in the drama zone and secret whispers behind the scenes – wasting hours talking about people, screen grabbing posts and sharing them to cause drama. Hours that would have been better spent on you and your business.

We think everyone is talking about us and assume ALL the social media posts are directed at us – and it hurts.

We’re driven by emotion instead of rational, considered thoughts that will support us.

We don’t trust or believe in ourselves, so we’re constantly looking externally for the silver bullet to fix us. But it never comes, because it doesn’t exist.

As I write this, there is no blame. We’ve ALL done this at some point, me included. Until I realised I needed to update my operating system to support my dreams and my growth and got the right help to do that.

But most people get stuck, thinking that this is their reality. This is life. This isn’t their fault. This can’t change. Most doesn’t even know they can change – nor do they want to.

But they have to, otherwise they’ll never create the future they crave.

Change isn’t easy, particularly you’ve been running this system for years and it’s ingrained in every part of you.

But it is possible.

Even by being more aware of your decision making process, simply by asking ‘Am I making this decision based on my past or current situation, or am I making this decision based on my plan for the future, for who I want to become, from the viewpoint of Me2.0?

Would You2.0 bother with all that negativity and drama? Or would You2.0 focus on the bigger picture?

The past is done, the present can be the change, the future can be You2.0.

It’s time.


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