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[tweetmeme]Those of you who follow me on Twitter know Im a fan of Seth Godin. I like the way the man thinks and his blog is a must read for me (subscribe here). He is a sharer, that we know. But he’s excelled himself by offering a fantastic free ebook that seeks to help us think differently and focus our energy. Seth’s gathered seventy “big thinkers”, who share thought provoking ideas for 2010. Seth’s end game is to get this thing read by 5 million people. So this is me doing my little bit to help with that. I hope you enjoy it. Download it here.

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  1. Ross Huggett says:

    Hi Gemma, Google Reader didn’t pick up you’re links in this post. Might be something to do with Snapshots?


  2. Thanks for letting me know Ross, will look at it now 🙂

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