What does soul-led actually mean? With Annika Frey

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On this episode of the Simply Smart Business Show I’m joined by Soulconnectrix and alignment coach, Annika Frey to talk about all things soul-led business. 

I’ve personally loved working with Annika and in this conversation we go deeper into the tell-tale signs of being out of alignment and how to tap back into your soul’s guidance. 

Perhaps most importantly, we share why it’s so important for entrepreneurs and online business owners to realise we are part of something so much bigger than our individual success.

Listen to this episode here.

In this show you’ll discover:

  • Why being able to connect deeply to your soul is your secret sauce for running a super-aligned business
  • What burnout, adrenal fatigue or chronic illness have to do with being soul-led
  • How emerging female entrepreneurs are channelling their soul’s guidance into their businesses (and what it feels like when you’re fully living and working in alignment with soul)
  • The role of the ‘Protective Maiden’ on your soul’s path
  • The 4 questions to ask yourself if you want to follow your inner guidance
  • The signs to look out for that signal you’re misaligned 
  • Finding the practices that help you connect with soul and come back into alignment (and those that take you out of connection)
  • The one big reason you might be deliberately cutting off your connection to soul
  • The fascinating connection between the way you look and taking quantum leaps
  • Why challenges like imposter syndrome need energetic work to get to the real root
  • Why soul-connection isn’t a once-and-done thing (sorry!)
  • What “the dip” is and why feeling uncertain, unclear, sticky and messy is a GOOD thing!

Listen to this episode here.

About Annika

ANNIKA SUOMA FREY works as Soulconnectrix and Alignment Coach. She supports female entrepreneurs bringing their BIG vision to life by (re-)aligning them to their Soul Path! Starting online with 1:1 sessions and group programs she has expanded her offerings to in person Soul Led Retreats, international workshops and 1:1 Soul Surrender Days.

For the last 15+ years she has lived a Soul Led life, and following the guidance within has brought her all around the world to learn and grow and study spiritual practises – from 8 years living in Ireland to spending time with spiritual leaders from Bali to Toronto to Texas. She developed her own healing modality, has worked with hundreds of women world wide, has taught 17 online live courses and written two books called „WITCH – Woman In Transition Coming Home“ and „Surrender into Action – 8 steps to a Soul Led Life“.

As a mom of four little humans and a dedicated supporter of her partner on his own Soul Path she’s very aware that her “me” time is limited. Tapping into her German roots she loves efficient systems and finding ways to integrate spirituality and magic into our every day life.

To follow her Soul Led Adventures you can find her at and

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