We are nothing without our integrity

I recently had a bad experience with a freelancer. I desperately needed help with a campaign and had no time to do it myself and, unfortunately, none of my usual team were free.

So I found someone on a Facebook group that I’m a member of who had the right experience and seemed to be pretty legit. I shared the brief, she sent a decent proposal , we agreed delivery and timings, et voila … issue sorted.

Unfortunately not so much. After a great start, she went dark. I couldn’t get any response on email, messenger, carrier pigeon … and as time was of the essence with this campaign, I felt rather fidgety.

Over a week had passed and after checking she’s not going through a personal crisis (Twitter can be everso handy for that) I sent a final email saying that I’d removed her from the project and will continue without her help.

Now I’m not here to name and shame as that shows a lack of integrity on my part (and two wrongs definitely don’t make a right), but this experience has reminded me how important that little I word is.

Thankfully I’ve now replaced her, but this got me thinking. We can outwardly have all the brand in the world, but without our integrity, we are nothing.

Integrity is a MASSIVE thing to me and I try to ensure I do everything with it, both professionally and personally. Lord knows I’m not perfect and can make mistakes myself, but I like to think I deal with those with integrity too. After all, as business folk, not keeping our promises, not being honest, not delivering what we say we will all shows a lack of integrity and this stuff really damages our brand.



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