Two new features: Facebook local page verification and Periscope on air button


Facebook page owners and Periscope users, heads up! Both platforms have just introduced great new features you should get on board with.

Local Facebook Page Verification

Facebook has started rolling out the new verified badges for local business in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With so many copy cats cropping up, this is an awesome way of showing you’re the real deal. It will also ensure that you will appear higher in search results.

At the moment this is only available to those pages in the ‘Local Business’ category that display the business address (so it won’t work if you have a few locations). Facebook has said that this feature will be rolled out to other business pages, but for now it’s only the Local Businesses category.

To set it up, go to your page’s admin settings and verify your page using your business’s publicly listed phone number. If you don’t have one, you can upload an official document proving your business address, but this will take a few days to be verified by Facebook (who are notoriously slow with this type of thing).

Periscope On Air Button

This is a cute little feature and makes so much sense. Previously we’ve relied on sharing our broadcasts to our social channels, but with this nifty little button, your website will show when you’re ‘On Air’, driving people to join you on Periscope, the live streaming platform that’s proving a huge success in creating engagement and action.

To use this, go here: and enter your Periscope username into the button generator. You’ll be given a code that you can embed on any webpage. I suggest this goes up front on your homepage, and then on any other relevant pages on your site where you’re encouraging people to engage with you (eg the contact page, about me etc). Mine’s below, if you fancy seeing it in action.



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