Simply Smart Tools: Twitter Moments

Twitter has launched a new curation tool, “Moments” (described by some as the most important update in Twitter’s history – bold claim, right?). The idea behind it is that users can keep up with major stories, without having to follow a ton of new people or trends.

Moments was developed as a way to make Twitter easier to understand for those new to (or uncomfortable with) the platform.

[Tweet “”This is a front door. It’s not a new house”. – Madhu Muthukumar, Product Manager for Moments”]

Tapping on the lightning bolt icon on the Twitter home page will lead you to the Moments that matter right now. You’ll see a curated collection of tweets, images and videos – all full-screen. These Moments evolve over time, and will generally contain the same kind of stuff you’d see on any news app – a mixture of local, national and world events, business, politics and the occasional quirky story.

You also have the option to “follow the moment” which will incorporate content into your Twitter feed – great for any events that update frequently, such as sports games and award shows.twitter moments

A quick guide to Twitter Moments:

  • You can flick through different categories of interest, to find the Moments that matter to you
  • Once you’ve found a Moment you’d like to know more about, swipe to get stuck in
  • As with normal tweets, a single tap gives you a fuller view, a double tap allows you to instantly favourite it
  • Swiping up or down takes you out of the Moment and back to the guide

What do you think? Have you used Twitter Moments yet?



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