Boost your Twitter results with these handy hacks

Twitter is an awesome social media network, and a really powerful tool for marketing your business, but it takes a fair amount of tweaking to get it right. There are tricks of the trade, so to speak, that can really boost your Twitter results and kickstart that interaction you crave. Here are a few to get you going:

Follow the great and the good

Don’t just read another post full of tips that you never get round to actioning … learn from example.

Follow those users in your niche that tweet really effectively. Observing others can teach you about the types of content to share as well as how frequently, and which hashtags to piggyback on.

I’d recommend checking out these for inspiration:

@GemmaWent (duh!)

Create a Twitter-specific landing page

The 140 characters allowed for your Twitter bio don’t offer much scope for getting deep. Try creating a landing page just for those that find you through Twitter, and pop the shortened link in your bio.

This will give you much more space to introduce yourself and direct them to some of that fantastic content you have in your archives – check out mine for inspiration.

Link with care

Including links within a tweet really impacts the amount of retweets that update gets, and if you place those links towards the end of your tweets, they will get even more. Weird, right?

Cross-post the right way

Sharing visual content on Twitter is definitely something you should be factoring into your content strategy, and if you can recycle images from your Instagram feed? Two birds, one stone, my friend!

However, there’s a right way to share content between the two platforms.

Whenever you’re about to post an image on Instagram, you’ll see a group of social icons beneath – you click on the Twitter bird, right? Wrong. Sharing this way will post a link to the image on Twitter, not the image itself. To get around this, set up an IFTTT recipe that takes your visual content from Instagram, and triggers a tweet.


All of these are very simple tweaks to make to your current social media activity, but they really will make a big difference.

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