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Today I want to talk about listening to your intuition and your instinct because they are super important and I think in this online world where we’re constantly consuming and digesting other opinions, we end up questioning ourselves.

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The best person to advise you is you. Your instinct and intuition knows you better than anyone else, even more than me, so that’s who you should be listening to.

Today I’m going to share two examples of when I’ve listened to my own intuition (despite what my head was saying) and got some great results.

My intuition said: scale your mastermind

As you know, I’ve run Masterminds forever and they have my heart. I love running Masterminds. There is something quite magical that happens in each of them and I absolutely adore creating and designing and facilitating them and seeing the journey people go on… Yet, there’s a limit to how much of that you can.

As I was thinking about scaling my business, I dismissed doing anything with my mastermind. I’d have to charge more money and that didn’t feel right. I could only feasibly run about 2 groups at once, and that’s hardly “scaling”.

But then I had this idea of redesigning it the way that I have.

I decided to create a training hub with a clear structure to follow depending on their business priorities. I hired coaches to run the groups day to day and then I show up for weekly Q&As, deep dive coaching, and virtual intensives.

I got really excited about this idea of working with more people, and having more impact, but then my head got involved, telling me it couldn’t work for so many reasons. And then my ego joined the party, telling me it couldn’t possibly work without ME in the groups 24/7. And my inner worrier was scared it would be too many people.

All of these things were running through my mind, but the my intuition said NO. This is the right move. It’s something I struggled with for a while, but now I’m so glad I took action on that idea. It’s absolutely working.

We need to trust ourselves more. We need to trust that we can do it, and we need to trust our ideas because these are from intuition, which is far smarter than your brain and heart.

My intuition said: hide awhile

During my last Elevate launch I was EVERYWHERE. I loved it. It was fun. I didn’t put too much stress and pressure on myself. I got super visible despite that not being in my comfort zone.

But I think being that visible took its toll a bit. I felt like I wanted my own space, like I just wanted to hide a little. I listened to that.

I’d had all kinds of plans to show up on social media with some new content, but instead I listened and I trusted. I took some space and gave myself to not show up for a while. I needed to recharge and it was lovely. That time allowed me to process everything that had happened and come up with some new ideas (which is always fun).

Sometimes you just need to listen and do what’s right for you. Pay attention to your intuition, it’s very rarely wrong.

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