What happens when you start tracking your stuff?

As anyone who listens to my podcast or hangs out with me on Facebook knows, there are two things I talk about an awful lot:

  • Taking small, sustained actions can yield big results in your business.
  • Mindset matters – it’s the fundamental piece int he puzzle that is SUCCESS.

Today I want to draw your attention to a project one of the brilliant entrepreneurs from the Simply Smart Business Facebook Group undertook last year.

Rebecca Bradley, the brains behind Proper Post subscription boxes (the ultimate treat for any stationery lover), spent 2017 tracking a word a day. More specifically, a word that summarised her feelings towards business and self-employment.

She’s pulled together an analysis of these results that offer a lot of insight into the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how we can hope to ride those waves.

I would highly recommend you read the full article here, which provides a breakdown of the full process as well as highlighting the key learnings.

Tracking the day-to-day is not a new concept, but it is a powerful one. Some of us do it almost without noticing through a regular journaling practice, some have a more intentional approach.

One of my goals for this year, as an example, is to track gratitude. Every day I’m noting down one thing I’m grateful for and putting it into a jar. When we get to December 31st, I’ll have 365 motivating memories to enjoy.

Give it some thought – what would you like to track, and invite more of, in 2018?


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