The top reasons small businesses fail

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My mission is to help small businesses bring their business dreams to life. So imagine how I felt when I found these stats on businessinsider.com recently, showing the top reasons small businesses fail:

82% have cashflow problems.
42% find there’s no market need for their products or services.
29% run out of cash.
23% don’t have the right team.
19% are outcompeted.


20% fail in the first year.
34% in the second year.
50% in the fifth year.

Those are some scary stats up there.

But sadly, these are all too common. Most business owners don’t have the knowledge and experience to do the very basic, fundamental things that will future proof their business.

Things like:

  • Validating your offers.
  • Competitor research.
  • Creating a robust business strategy.
  • Income planning.
  • Creating a clear customer roadmap.
  • Creating marketing and sales systems that convert.
  • Creating the right systems to make your business run like clockwork.

THIS is why I run my masterminds. 

To teach the right way to do business. 
With a solid foundation. 
With the right strategy. 
With the right mindset. 
With the right implementation plan. 

And with integrity, authenticity and a big dollop of chutzpah. 

These are the things that reduce those stats up there.

So if those stats scare you… 
If you’re hell-bent on NOT becoming just another statistic… 
If you know your business needs help…
If you know you don’t have all of these things covered…

Then it might be time for you to join my next mastermind.

The Rise Mastermind kicks-off in January 2018 and is a 6-month, powerful business makeover that will transform your business, bank balance and life.

We work closely together to create the right strategy for you and your clients using my experience of creating and building successful businesses for over 17 years.

At the end of the 6 months, you will:

  • Have increased your income AND profit.
  • Have a targeted business strategy that’s already getting big results.
  • Have a clear planning framework to keep you on track.
  • Know how to charge your worth.
  • Know how to find your clients and convert them.
  • Know how to create killer programs, products and packages.
  • Have a sales and marketing system that’s right for YOU.
  • Have a growth plan that will take you to the next level.
  • Have a toolbox of proven frameworks, tools and processes.
  • Have a group of business friends that will last a lifetime.

The Rise Mastermind will show you how to keep your business from becoming just another statistic.You’ll also make some business besties along the way too.

Sound good?

Then head over here to read more about The Rise Mastermind and apply or go here to book a call to chat with me about it.


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