Win on Facebook with these hacks


Facebook is arguably the most popular social platform on the planet, with over one billion active users. More than just a way to share drunk selfies, or funny cat videos, it can be used to market your business on a really personal level.

However, getting results from Facebook can be hard. I know this. One of the most common question I’m asked is how to get better results on Facebook. Well, dear friends, all you need are a few simple hacks, dedication some time and you’ll be well on your way:

Curate that content

So much stuff gets shared on Facebook. It can be easy to skim through your newsfeed and not really take note. Make the most of Facebook’s in built “Save Content” function – hit the downwards arrow next to any post and click “save”. This can then be cascaded across other platforms as part of your content curation strategy.

Go against the grain

I’m sure everyone reading this has come across a “peak times” infographic at some point, and that’s why EVERYONE is posting content at the same time. That means you’ll end up fighting for air-time with a lot of other business owners.

Experiment posting before and after regular working hours if you want to reach your audience without quite so much competition (BONUS TIP, I’m getting some great results at the weekend, and I’m not just talking about my personal life).

Make life easy

Your audience doesn’t want to have to work hard to connect with you – make it easy for them.

Install a Facebook Like button on your WordPress site to encourage your readers to follow along on Facebook.

For those who find you through Facebook, create a call to action button to nudge people onto your list. Remember – a Facebook following is borrowed, your email list is yours for good.

Get cute with it

Studies show that using emojis in your Facebook posts increases comments and shares by 33% – why not give it a go?

From your smartphone or tablet, simply use the emoji keyboard. From a computer, copy and paste something fun from this site.

There are so many simple tips that can help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

But wait, there’s more!

For more fantastic Facebook hacks, grab our free Simply Smart Facebook Guide right here.



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