Top Digital & Social News From Last Week – 5/9/16


Instagram finally adds one of its most requested features

iOS users are now able to zoom in on all photo and video content. It’s anticipated that this update will make its way to Android users in the coming weeks.

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Facebook making movies via Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s latest new feature, Instant Video, allows you to personalise contact even further by creating and sending real-time video. Just make sure you and your friend both have the latest version of Messenger.

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Twitter announces monetization opps for content creators

Twitter has opened up monetization opportunities for all users through pre-roll adds, the Niche programme and seamless product support.

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Pinterest boosts advertiser potential

Pinterest has released a series of new targeting features, all available in the Ads Manager. These will enable users to target pinners that have previously engaged with their content.

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Facebook improves Offers

This latest update has been all about streamlining, making it easier for brands to create and share promotions, and easier for audiences to redeem those offers.

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Snapchat becomes more fun and functional

Snapchat has added a new Geofilters creation tool, enabling users to share more professional looking custom overlays.

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