Facebook unveils “the new camera”, Gfycat brings better GIFs to iMessage … and more

Facebook unveils “the new camera”

Facebook’s new selfie-focused, in-platform camera option is about to be released worldwide… but is it just another attempt to slow down Snapchat’s progress?

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Gfycat brings better GIFs to iMessage (kind of)

Gfycat has launched its first ever mobile (currently for iOS devices only). In a nutshell, it allows users find and/or create high-quality looping videos to share via iMessage.

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Facebook launches free training sessions

Facebook has unleashed a free series of e-learning for journalists. The aim as that these workshops will help users discover content, create stories and build an audience – while adhering to Facebook’s guidelines and best practices.

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Vine withers and dies

It’s time to mourn the demise of yet another video-based platform – this time it’s Vine. Twitter has announced that the 6-second video app will now be closing its doors for good.

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Youtube launches End Screens for all

This new feature from the ultimate hub of video content allows content creators to engage with audiences right as their video stops playing. It seems like a simple enough update, but at the same time promising massive potential for repeat traffic.

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