Snapchat rebrands, Instagram drafts, a LinkedIn redesign, and more…

Snapchat rebrands (and launches new goodies)

Snapchat, now Snap Inc. “a camera company”, has given customers a first look at their innovative new smart glasses, Spectacles. In a nutshell, wearers will be able to take photos and videos, without ever having to pull out their smartphone.

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Instagram opens up “save drafts” feature

Everyone loves a bit of insta-editing. The gorgeous filters have a way of making the most basic imagery look like art. All users are now able to save edits to their photos without hitting publish – something that’s never been possible before.

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Google’s Keyword Planner makes a change

Previously, Google’s Keyword Planner has been a handy free tool for researching popular search terms and consumer interests – but not anymore. Google are now limiting the data available to inactive or low-spend accounts.

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LinkedIn redesigns desktop interface

Following in the footsteps of the shiny mobile app update a few months ago, LinkedIn has previewed a new desktop experience. Described as cleaner, simpler and more intuitive, it could be just the thing to uplevel engagement on the platform.

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Facebook adds new features to Messenger

This latest update includes two new functions – group polls and personal payments.

Polls can now be added to group chats, making it easier to coordinate plans or gauge interest in a more private setting.

The new payment function enables you to add payment buttons in appropriate places – perfect for settling debts and selling online.

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Google launches new instant messenger

Google has just released Google Allo, a new messaging app available on both Android and iOS devices.

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