Instagram analytics, Canva for iPhone, Snapchat suggests, and more…

Brand profiles (and analytics) come to Instagram

Instagram has released a series of videos showcasing the new features available for businesses. These include special brand profiles, insight tools and promoted posts- not dissimilar to the options we have on Facebook.

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Canva launches iPhone app

Everyone’s favourite free drag-and-drop design software is now available in app form on your iPhone. We can now create super-smart-looking graphics on the go, without the hassle.

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Facebook offers audience restrictions

This latest update allows Facebook Live users to target their broadcasts to specific ages, genders, languages or locations. As you can imagine, this makes it much easier to reach relevant audiences with your content.

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Snapchat suggests

Previously Snapchat has boycotted the social trend of “suggesting” accounts to follow based on user preferences. Largely, this still stands, but we are now able to recommend users to our own followers.

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Twitter announces applications for verified accounts

Ever lusted after one of Twitter’s exclusive verified accounts? Well, now you’re in with a chance, whether you’re a celebrity or not. All brands and individuals have the option to submit an application, but not all will be successful.

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Periscope introduces replay options

Periscope has launched a number of new options, designed to make it easier to get more eyes on your broadcasts:

  • “Highlights” is a new feature that automatically generates a trailer of each stream on a user’s home screen.
  • Scopes can now be embedded anywhere online (all you need to do is embed the accompanying tweet).
  • On Android devices, live broadcasts will autoplay without sound as soon as users open up the app. The iOS equivalent will follow soon.

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