Promoted Pinterest video, Instagram events, Twitter stickers, and more…

Hangouts hangs up its hat

Google has announced that Google+ Hangouts on Air will close down for good on September 12th. Although this means you’ll have to source an alternative group streaming platform, Google has swiftly released a new 1 to 1video calling app, Google Duo.

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Pinterest rolls out Promoted Video (and more)

67% of users say that videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action, so this update is promising for brands everywhere.

In addition, Pinterest has promised three new features to improve user experience and streamline the way we connect. This update will include simplified messaging, increased Pin sharing options and the option to fine tune your feed.

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Facebook releases another new app (for teens)

Facebook has launched a brand new app, exclusively for teenagers. Lifestage offers users the chance to create short video updates, rather than text-based updates, but is only available to those currently attending high school. As such, in its current state it isn’t all that useful for (adult) business owners.

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Twitter introduces Promoted #Stickers

Brands are now able to design custom stickers for followers to add to their own imagery. They act as a kind of visual hashtag, so could offer great insight into how users are interacting with your business.

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Instagram starts “hosting” events

Instagram has introduced a new Event channel in Explore, collating the best videos from concerts, sporting events, and a range of other performances. Please note that this update is currently only available to US-based users.

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Facebook updates your page design

Facebook has tweaked the appearance of business pages (from the perspective of desktop computers). Updates include a cleaner design, more prominent buttons and overall improved navigation.

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