Native conversion tracking, Twitter messenger, and more…

LinkedIn announces native conversion tracking for sponsored content and text ads

This new set of capabilities makes it much easier to measure leads, downloads, sign-ups, purchases and more. They also offer insight around audience behaviours, helping brands to understand which campaigns are most effective.

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Facebook releases tools to take advantage of international opportunities

Facebook has released a 64-page guide to help businesses “go global” with the platform. Cross-border promotions are certainly an exciting prospect if your business is based online, that’s for sure.

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Twitter makes DM’s more like Messenger

Twitter has introduced a series of new features to the Direct Message functionality, specifically, read receipts, typing indicators and link previews.

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LinkedIn updates its publishing platform

LinkedIn Pulse is a fantastic platform for repurposing your blog content, and these updates will make it even more enjoyable to use. Enhancements include a cleaner interface, easier ways to add rich media and much more attractive reading pane.

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Facebook announces new features for crossposting video

In a nutshell, publishers are now able to easily post video content to pages with different owners. This includes pages that are under different Business Managers. Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t mean your page is about to be spammed – both page owners must consent to a cross-posting relationship before anything gets published.

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