Slideshow ad campaigns, Twitter emojis, power-ups, and more…

Facebook simplifies slideshow ad creation

Slideshow is a tool that allows advertisers to build lightweight video content, fast. To make it even easier to use, Facebook has released a series of new features focusing on audio and text functionality as well as image integration.

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Twitter enables Direct Messages – through your own website

Twitter has introduced another new button. This one allows your web visitors to send you a DM directly through your site.

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LinkedIn takes steps to become more searchable

LinkedIn has introduced a content search function to the mobile app. This update makes it much easier to search your feed, monitor your interests and utilise hashtags.

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Users now able to add emojis to Twitter profiles

Twitter has decided to embrace the emoji trend by making it possible for tweeters to embed emojis in their Twitter handles and bios.

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Trello announces free Power-Ups for all

Trello has gifted all 16 million users free Power-Ups for team boards. A Power-Up is a way to integrate a range of different apps into your Trello workflow. You have a lot of choices – everything from Evernote, to Slack to Dropbox. Productivity, here we come!

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WhatsApp updates its privacy policy

WhatsApp appears to be opening itself up to increased business activity after this latest update. By allowing more data to travel from WhatsApp to Facebook, it’s anticipated that businesses will have many more advertising opportunities in the near future. Watch this space.

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