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[tweetmeme]I spend a lot of time on the web. Most of it reading my rss reader and soaking up the content supplied by my favourite and highly respected bloggers who write about social media, marketing and pr.

I have a few of them listed under ‘sites we love’, but it isn’t the full list. So I thought I’d share them with you here. I would recommend subscribing to some, if not all, of these:

Adam Cohen
Useful posts on marketing and social media.

Altitute Branding
I have to admit, a personal favourite. Amber Naslund’s practical advice can be applied to many areas of business. Her focus is primarily social media. She ‘tells it like it is’. This lady makes you think.

Ben Foster
Great social media thoughts written in a very straightforward way.

Big Marketing for Small Business
I primarily work with SMEs and aim to provide as much help and advice I can. This is a great blog for that and, written by Rajan Sodhi,  covers a range of topics across marketing.

Brand Strategy Insider
As the name suggests, great blog on branding.

Brian Solis
This guy absolutely nails the confusing world of digital PR. Another favourite.

Chris Brogan
The master of trust and social media. A guy that just ‘gets it’. Subscribe to his blog. Read his books. Listen to him speak.

Conversation Agent
Up there with Amber Naslund, Beth Harte, Joanne Jacobs and Ann Handley as my ‘power women’ to watch. I pretty much share every blog post Valerie writes and love her clear writing style.

Cool Hunting
They hunt down cool things and tell us about them. Nuff said.

Practical advice on copywriting for blogging and content marketing.

Dave Fleet
Man after my own heart, Dave is all about the integration of social media, pr and marketing. Wise words shared often.

David Airey
My favourite graphic design blog. A clear winner in this area.

Drew B
Great digital PR guy. Great ideas, sound advice. Never tire of his posts.

Fresh Networks
Good focus on communities and social media. Relevant, real, well thought out posts and advice.

Jacob Morgan
Another great social media guy across the pond. Sound strategic advice and great book.

Joanne Jacobs
The phrase “social media expert” is bandied around far too much. Rarely is it correct. Joanne is one of the only people who can legitimately make this claim. Great mind. What she doesn’t know about social media isn’t worth knowing.

Juicy Info
If it’s stats, research and trends intelligence you need, look no further. Great content and great gal.

Marketing Profs
Fantastic blog with a number of writers giving practical business advice.

Matt Singley
Great social media blog, love his social media program series.

Men with Pens
Got writers block? Need copywriting help? This is the blog for you.

Neville Hobson
Top comms guy. Smart thinker. Tune into his regular podcasts, full of useful gems.

PR Squared
Top PR and social media advice from the fantastic Tod Defren. Regularly share his posts on Twitter.

Ah the great Darren Rowse. As the name suggests, sound advice on blogging, writing and generally doing good stuff online. Learn how he became a pro blogger.

Reputation Online
Not a blog per se, more a digital magazine. Fairly new but already has a good following due to sound content. As the name suggests, they look at how to protect your reputation online.

Seth’s Blog
Another great thinker, Seth Godin. Many of the posts are short and sweet, but he really gets you thinking.

The Brand Builder
Take a lot of intelligence, innovative thinking, strategic understanding mix with common sense and a great attitude, et voila: Olivier Blanchard. Along with Chris Brogan, Olivier helped me learn my social media craft. The ROI king and all round good bloke.

The Harte of Marketing
Beth Harte is a great writer that cuts through the crap and tells it how it is. Another part of the Marketing Profs team and great posts on integrated marketing.

The Steve Rubel Lifestream
This guy gives great insight on emerging trends and technologies. Smart. Strategic. Subscribe.

The Viral Garden
Mack Collier’s blog with great posts on social media. Also writes for Marketing Profs.

Trey Pennington
Last, but by no means least, comes a true marketing professional and inspiring speaker. His blog really makes you think and covers many areas of marketing and business.

So there you have it. I’m always on the look out for great blogs, so if you feel there are others that should be up there, please let me know in the comments bit below.

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  1. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful list and especially for including me, too!

    Thanks, too, for the introduction to a few new folks I haven’t yet read. Now looking forward to meeting them.

  2. Gemma Went says:

    You’re welcome Trey, and thank you for your great content.

  3. Adam Cohen says:

    Really humbled to be included in this list which includes people who I have learned from and a lot of new folks to learn from too. Thanks for including me, and for the intro to other thought leaders.

  4. Scott Gould says:

    Hey Gemma,

    great list – I read many of these, but also some gems here that I wasn’t aware of

    of course, yours is missing here! – which I find to be a good for insight into numbers and stats

  5. Gemma Went says:

    Thanks very much Scott 🙂

  6. Gemma Went says:

    You’re welcome, I’ve really enjoyed your content. Hope you get as much out of the other guys here.

  7. Missed on didn’t you Gemma? 😉

  8. Gemma Went says:

    Well, not sure I can include myself in such a distinguished list yet 🙂

  9. Suzie Shore says:

    Thanks a million for including me in your line up. Very honored. You have made my day! Looking forward to connecting with others you have listed.

    Cheers, Suzie @juicyinfo

  10. Nice list.

    Big fan of Matt Singley as both a Blogger and person…you’re right, his series on managing social media campaigns is excellent.

    A couple of PR Blogs that aren’t on this list that I think are worth consideration / checking out include: – an accomplished author and pioneer of PR 2.0 – well balanced posts written by a variety of authors, great for ‘the latest’ in the industry – incredibly practical and useful content, also publishes a daily newsletter that always comes in handy

    If only there were more hours in the day to read!

  11. sim stewart says:

    Excellent list Gemma, already visited Seth Godin’s blog and been enlightened, will be working my way through the rest this week, thanks!

  12. Rajan Sodhi says:

    Gemma, thank you for including me on your list of recommended blogs. I’m flattered and look forward to following your future posts. Cheers.

  13. Gemma Went says:

    You’re very welcome. I work with small businesses and share a lot of your links on Twitter, they always get a great response, so thanks.

  14. Gemma Went says:

    Glad they’re useful.

  15. @mattsingley says:

    Wow Gemma, thanks for including me on this list! Feeling very Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy” right now hahaha. I follow many of these, but you have pointed out several that I don’t. I’ll fix that right after this comment and add them to my GReader pronto. Thanks a million!

  16. Gemma Went says:

    You’re welcome. Really enjoyed your social media program series (am about to feature it here actually).

  17. ckarol10 says:

    Nice comprehensive list!

    Blogging in PR is very important. As the post demonstrates PR blogging also creates online celebrity experts. Bloggers now have as much influenece as journalists and a treated like. For example bloggers had a separate section in London’s Fashion Week.
    Blogging is one of the main trends that will be the future of PR as things look like now.

  18. Gemma Went says:

    Thanks, glad it was useful to you.

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