Top 10 Social Media, PR and Marketing Links of the Month: December

[tweetmeme]Ok, you got me. I haven’t done this for ages (since August). All I can do is apologise (hey, I’m only human). With that done, I’m back with my Top 10 links of the previous month. New readers, these are the most popular links I share on Twitter (some mine, mostly other clever folk), so there are usually some pretty good posts in here. Fill your boots.

  1. 6 Newfangled Social Media Tools Worth Discovering
  2. 7 Little Words That Sum Up the Entire Marketing Machine
  3. Nice infographic on the evolution of the blogger … which are you?
  4. The best way to launch a web site
  5. @andrewgerrard shares his online influence framework with us
  6. What we’ve learned in 2010 vs what’s next in 2011
  7. The Five Words That Kill Your Blog
  8. Brand Disasters of 2010
  9. 13 Characteristics Of Successful Digital Schmoozers
  10. 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

I hope they were useful. And while I’m here, if you haven’t responded to this post yet, I’d really love your feedback on what YOU would like to read on this blog. A ‘how am I driving’ kinda thing. Well I want to make it as relevant as I can.

Gemma Went is the founder of Red Cube Marketing, head blogger of The Cube and apologises for not publishing these blog posts recently. If you need help with your marketing, pr or social media activity, get in touch.

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