Top 10 social media, PR and marketing links: January 2010

[tweetmeme]This is the first post in a new series for 2010. I know, it’s exciting. Those that follow me on Twitter know that I share a lot of useful links on social media, pr, marketing and anything that sparks my interest.  I’ve had some great feedback about some of these links so I thought I’d make the most of them by creating a post on the top 10 most popular each month. So, without further ado …

Is social media growing up?
Fire your social media manager
Google Real Time Search: The Reputation Management Nightmare of 2010
Want to transform a photo of your face into lego? There’s an app for that
Creating a PR Strategy
5 Ways Foursquare is Changing the World
How Relationships Improve Sales
Put down those shiny toys and get back to business people
European social media trends
Top 30 social media, marketing, pr blogs

If you’d like to know how I work out the top 10. I use both hootsuite and to share the links, which means I can review the stats available on both and pick out the ten links that were clicked on the most by my Twitter followers.

I’ll be doing this every month, so to make sure you don’t miss out on the best advice for the month, subscribe by email here and by rss here.

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