5 things I’d have done differently in my business

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the five things I would have done much earlier if I’d have known the impact they would have on my business.

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I would have trusted myself.

I’m a bit of an overthinker – I have lots of ideas. I’m a very creative person but also a very strategic person. It’s a great mix because I have a lot of creative ideas and then I’m pretty good at implementing things too… but the overthinking part doesn’t flow quite so well.

There was a time when I came up with all these big ideas and goals for my business, but because I overthought them, and worried about whether I was capable, and obsessed over the risks, I delayed things that didn’t need delaying. My inner perfectionist had a part to play too.

I’ve definitely learned that done is better than perfect. Don’t wait until something’s “just so”, get it done and then improve it on the fly. When you do it that way, you gain some really valuable insight into how your thing is working in real life.

Now I jump in and take the risk instead of just worrying if it will work or not… and it’s paid off. Not everything has been a winner, but I’ve learned from every single thing that didn’t go to plan. (And more often than not, I got another killer idea in the process.)

I wish I’d have trusted myself enough to go with my gut instinct from the get-go.

I would have invested in a coach or mastermind earlier.

I think I had this idea that I needed to be at a certain place in my business before I could afford to invest in myself… but when I finally did? Wow. Best thing I’ve ever done.

At the time of that first big investment, it felt like a HUGE chunk of money and as soon as I paid out the panic set in. What if I didn’t make the money back? I needn’t have worried. Every single time I’ve invested in myself I’ve seen a huge leap in my business – I really wish I’d done it sooner. You can only grow your business alone up to a certain point.

I’ve been making these investments for over 3 years now, and I plan to keep going. Just remember to be very strategic when finding the right coach or mentor – it has to be the right person for you and your business.

I would have identified my weaknesses and fixed them sooner.

I’ve pretty much always known about my weaknesses, but I let myself hide behind them. A big one was sales – I’m brilliant at doing inbound marketing and pulling in traffic, but sales? Always been terrified of it. And I had that mindset of “I’m terrible at it so I’m not even going to try”.

Now I’m great at selling on webinars, but for a long time, I just avoided those situations. After identifying that weakness, I invested in some sales training with the fabulous Kendrick Shope. This is a great example of being discerning with the investments you make – identify a weakness or a gap in your knowledge and find someone to fill it.

Working with Kendrick is one of the best investments I’ve ever made – I just wish I’d have identified this as something to fix sooner – imagine all those sales I could have made!

I would have outsourced without fear.

You can’t do it all. I now have a phenomenal team around me. They are amazing and I could not run this ship without them – I just wish I’d recognised that earlier!

Again, it starts with identifying your weaknesses. There are areas where I should be working, and there are areas that just aren’t my zone of genius. The client-facing stuff? The training? The live streams and podcast recording? That’s where I need to be. Back office? Not so much.

The sooner you outsource, the more time you’ll have to do the things you’re good at, and the quicker your business will grow.

I would have conquered my visibility fears.

This is a big one. If you’ve seen a lot of my stuff, you’ll probably already know this story.

I should have focused on conquering my fear of visibility a decade ago, but I didn’t. I stayed uncomfortable, I hid behind my clients and stayed quietly behind my computer screen… but when I decided to go bigger with my business, I knew I’d need to get more visible and step out into the limelight.

It was really difficult – I had physical symptoms. I’d panic, I’d break out in a rash, I’d feel sick… but I knew it was something I needed to work on.

My process for getting through this stuff was the same thing I use with my clients – the fix and flood. Fix the original problem causing the negative self-belief, then flooding yourself with the thing you’re afraid of. It clearly works because now look at me – I’m everywhere!

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