The problem with the online business world

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So here’s the problem with the online business world.

Well, there are many problems, this is just the one I’m going to focus on today.

There’s SO much information.

So much contradictory advice. We’re bombarded with it, on every platform, in every format.

And I’m well aware of the irony that I’m doing exactly that with this piece of writing. But nevertheless …

It’s a tough one, because there ARE many ways to grow a business, and some will work for you, others won’t.

But how do you know what will work?

When new clients come to work with me, either through my one-to-one coaching program or my masterminds, they generally have the same problems to solve:

  • They’re confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated with the ridiculous number of ways to grow a business.
  • They don’t have nearly enough income and have no idea how to increase it.
  • PLUS they’re not even factoring in profit yet (which is actually the important part of all this).
  • They’re not clear on their offer because they have no idea what their prospects’ problems are or how to solve them.
  • They’re wasting time and energy searching, testing, trying new advice, never getting the results they need.
  • They feel stuck, their confidence has taken a bashing, they have little or no motivation and they feel unable to move forward.

It’s not a good place to be.

But it can get better. If you just follow a few tips:

  • Find someone you admire, REALLY admire, who has achieved the things you want to achieve for your business.
  • Check out their creds. Do their claims match up to their online history? LinkedIn is awesome for this.
  • Do they have a good amount of testimonials that prove their claims? Does their copy resonate with you? If this all adds up, then move on to the next stage.
  • Research them, take a look at their free content. Does it click? If it does, apply it. Don’t do anything else, don’t read anything else, just take action and apply what you’ve learnt.
  • If that works, brilliant! You may have found your perfect mentor.
  • Now check if they have packages and programs available to help you.
  • Be clear about what you need and then see what they have to deal with your specific problems.
  • If you can afford to invest in their offers, then do. Great mentors worth their salt have value-packed packages that will genuinely help you. So if they have a low-end product that fits your budget, great … go for that.
  • If you have more budget available and can afford to invest in a deeper program, then go for that.
  • But the key here is picking ONE mentor and going with them.
  • Quit wasting time Googling contradictory advice, quit wasting time learning without taking action, quit wasting time scrolling the Facebook newsfeed and feeling nothing but FOMO.

Make a decision to take action, and do it. Your business will thank you for it.



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