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Remember the one where I talked all about the weird niggle of anxiety I had as I was preparing to launch? In this episode, I’m following up. I’m sharing some of the tactics I used to overcome that anxiety and set myself back on the right path.

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Even when you’ve done a thousand launches, and even when they’re normally a sellout success, you still get super nervous and anxious before a launch. There’s always that unknown factor and things could go wrong, things could break, which inevitably they do.

When I felt that niggle, I wanted to sit with it and see what came up for me. My go to in these situations is always journaling, but this time not a lot came out.

However, later on that same day, I got some really clear messaging around keeping it simple. For those that know me really well, you will know that if I can over complicate something, I will do. I’d planned all of these amazing things for my launch, and not everything was done, and I wasn’t quite ready. And I think it was that that was causing my anxiety, so I asked myself how I could strip it back.

As soon as I simplified that launch plan of mine, I felt better. I shelved some of those ideas and then I sat down to do some work. Getting stuff done made me feel so much less overwhelmed, like I was more “on it”.

Then, of course, there’s the mindset stuff. I have a handful of rituals for when I’m launching that really keep my mindset in tip-top form:

  • I declutter. I declutter like a mofo, in my office particularly. I declutter the desktop. I declutter that. I declutter the folder where I keep all of the launch stuff. I declutter my whole office, there’s no paperwork, I have a really, super clear desk. It just helps to kind of clear my mind a little bit. If you clear space, that means you have more space to pull things in, right. And I want to pull in a lot of amazing new clients as part of this launch.
  • I also do a lovely little exercise that I call negative consequences, which is a really big, big one for me. Basically, I write down all the potential negative consequences of this launch being successful, and that brings out any kind of other fears that might be a little bit hidden. And then whatever that brings out, I will start working through those fears. And my way to work through them is through journaling but also through EFT, which always works a treat for me.
  • Then I do a lot of journaling around the actual launch and my targets. I write about my big goal, what that looks like and then I see what comes up around that. What I tend to do is write around the fears I have, and just see what comes up for me. I’ll also look at the practicalities of those fears – I’ll bring a “fix it” strategy to every single one of those “what if” scenarios.

Dealing with stuff as it comes up is so important – because I’ve cleared it, I feel really positive, really excited. I can’t emphasise how crucial mindset is to your success, I really can’t. If we don’t take good care of it, those mind monkeys will jump in and everything just escalates.

By actually feeling it and feeling into and looking into what that thing could be and then working on that immediately, we can clear it and move on.

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