On the one thing you REALLY need

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how to become an online business coach

After almost a decade in this online space.

22 years in business across corporate, brands, agencies, sme’s and thousands of online business owners and entrepreneurs.

The one standout thing I’ve learnt is this…

…do it your way.

Aligned with your values, your goals, your personality.

When we crowbar ourselves into someone else’s version of success, it rarely works and just creates stress and frustration.
Getting clear on what you will and won’t do is essential in setting your own boundaries and a roadmap for growth.

For example, I won’t:

Suggest people go into debt to work with me, in fact if anyone tells me they’re putting it on a credit card I ask them to really checkin that it’s the right choice for them. Not because I don’t think they’ll get ROI, they will always get that, but because I don’t want it to be a stressor that will affect their ability within my program.

Force people to stay in a contract with me if they’re in serious difficulty. I have clear criteria and a process for this to ensure my clients are supported. Because none of us know what’s around the corner and we have a duty of care.

Chase leads. I will follow up a couple of times, but my humans just KNOW they need to work with me … it’s a full bodied HELL YES. I don’t need to force that, handle objections or convince them. This is why my refund request rate is zero.

Use triggering content and big money claims to create a response. Yes I will share figures to educate and explain how I work (I’ve done it below), but to be honest, my humans are less inspired by it and if I were to share a photo of my next big money goal I smashed with a bunch of balloons they’d think I’d lost my mind.

Share screen grabs of private conversations without permission. Don’t even get me started on this.

Allow anyone to disrespect, attack or steal my IP. I have very clear boundaries and a legal team that have my back. Kindness and care are my values, but I know the difference between that and protecting myself. Thankfully it rarely happens as I have a zero tolerance policy on drama and toxicity.

Allow bullying or unkindness in my communities. Again, zero tolerance for that shit.

I will:

Strategically over deliver. Now this is very different to people pleasing. This is a strategic move and part of my experience design process that ensures ROI and, again, zero refund requests.

Focus on growth with a small audience. We have two choices, grow a big audience with a low conversion rate. Grow a small audience with a high conversion rate. I choose the latter, and it’s this that created £500k/$660k in sales in 2021 with an email list of 3k when I was sick and had stepped back a bit. This is also what I teach. [Caveat – this is sales not cash as I prioritise recurring revenue so much of that is payment plans).

Ensure my clients grow and scale at the rate of their capacity. Have I had clients grow fast? Of course, I once took someone to £3million in 4 months (not in this space) and I’ve had plenty of “leap” stories. But I’ve had more clients who needed to grow over a longer period because they didn’t have the capacity to do anything else. Knowing the difference is key, but sadly there are coaches that are so focussed on using those stories for their own marketing that they often force people before they’re ready.

There are other coaches that will disagree with those things, and that’s okay. Their way is their way.

Our “ways” are what attract our soul fit clients to us.

My priority is in being a first class business coach and then helping my students in my Conscious Consultant Certification® become first class, accredited online business coaches too … because that is my legacy.

I give them the frameworks not to copy me or be another me, but to uncover their “ways” of being and doing that align with them.
I help them create a deeper knowing of who they are, what they stand for and the legacy they will leave in this world. The clarity and confidence they get inside is beyond.

I help them reach a level of mastery in their work that creates revenue, yes, but also respect and referrals.

Ready for that?

Then join my next cohort next month, and I will help YOU to do it your way.


For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.