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If you’re already using Twitter (and if not, why not?) you may not have come to terms, or even begun to understand, the raft of tools and applications available. Well I felt the same, so I’ve been doing a bit of digging and here are a few I really like. Now, this list isn’t definitive. There are loads more out there, but these work well. If you have any others you’d like to suggest, please feel free to comment.

1. Tweetdeck is great for managing your tweets, groups and searches. It has a much better interaction design than your web based Twitter account. The latest version is cleverly integrated with Facebook and allows you to turn your tweets into ‘what’s on your mind’ on Facebook and vice versa. Handy.

2. For the iphone Twitterfon works well, however if you’re using Tweetdeck you can now transfer all the columns you set up on Tweetdeck onto your iPhone which is much more useful. There are clear instructions for setting this up on Mashable.

3. For searching there are a few tools for searching relevant keywords on Twitter and we’ll mention a few here. Of course if you have Tweetdeck you can search straight through that and keep the column saved on your deck. Others are Twittersearch, Twitscoop and Twellow lets you search for people rather than just tweets.

4. For email alerts on your chosen keywords try Tweetlater and Tweetbeep.

5. To promote your Twitter profile register here Twellow, JustTweetIt, WeFollow, TweetFind and TwitterLinkUp. Remember, the more of these you sign up to the more likely you will be found. And that’s what we all want.

6. Scheduling tweets: sometimes it’s easier to schedule a few tweets to send out during the day, particularly if you’re not going to be around and want to keep up the communication with your followers. However, remember that Twitter is all about two way conversation so don’t do this too much. You still need to be there to respond directly. Tweetlater is good and should be all you need for this.

7. Hopefully you’ll know by now that links need to be shortened. So here are a few sites that do that for you. These also you to analyse the links: Twitpwr , TweetBurner and Twitclicks. Of course Tweetdeck also shortens links for you, but doesn’t provide the analysis.

Happy tweeting!


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  1. One thing I forgot is Nambu … rather like Tweetdeck, but for the Mac. I’m currently on a pc so this slipped past the radar, but as many of you designer types will be Mac, this is worth a punt: There is also a version for the iPhone.

    Thank you @mariohandle for that!

  2. Instruct says:

    I’ve started to use Destroy Twitter, brilliant customisable Twitter app and great interview with the student developer of the app here

  3. Thanks for the extra twitter search tools. I didn’t know there was anything other than the!

  4. I’ve just found another GREAT search tool. … lets you search for words in real time, but you can restrict results so that you only see local tweets if you so wish. Very useful.

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