The journey to a soul led business with Katie Johns

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The journey to a soul led business with Katie Johns

On this episode of the Simply Smart Business Show, I’m talking with an ex-client of mine, Katie Johns. We dive into all things soul-led business, living in alignment, plus the magic of doing less and making more.

The perfect episode for you if you need a dose of inspiration, are feeling out-of-alignment, or you simply want to create more ease, joy and flow in your business (and who doesn’t?).

Listen to this episode here.

In this show you’ll discover:

  • An essential lesson on alignment (that you’ve probably not heard before)
  • How to create more ease, joy and flow in your business 
  • The big belief that totally derails most entrepreneurs from their soul-led path
  • Why the markers of success you set for yourself matter so much 
  • How to spot if you’re in the “online ego race”
  • The unlikely advice you need to know for when overwhelm, procrastination, comparison or illness show up
  • Why your natural creativity, innovation and intuition might be getting dulled (and what to do about it)

Listen to this episode here.

And find out more about Katie here: 

The Soul Led Marketing Facebook group


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