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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the importance of getting feedback from your people and acting on it.

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I’m a big one for feedback, I’m a big one for customer research generally. It’s really important, because I think as business owners we can make assumptions about our products and our services. We put stuff out there that we think people want and need, but it might not hit the mark. It might not be the thing. Doing your research regularly and hearing from your people, and then doing something from that feedback, is what makes you super, super relevant. That’s what helps you to be the best that you can be.

When I did the beta round of my Business Success Bootcamp last year, I did feedback throughout. The poor ladies that were in that were probably sick of it, but I kept asking, “How did that work for you? Was there anything missing.” And the feedback that I had from that was phenomenal in helping me reshape that into something that I think is going to be even better. And it was great already.

I do it after every launch as well. This can be quite a painful one because feedback isn’t always good, it can be really negative. But the negative side is important – you want people to tell you the truth so that you can improve things. Ask why they didn’t buy, understand how your messaging didn’t quite hit the spot, or learn that maybe you didn’t create enough trust or clarity around the offer. Ask those questions and use the feedback to shape your next launch.

Even in the midst of a course or program, you can gather important insights from your people. I periodically survey my masterminders about their experience so that I can keep innovating and making it even better for them.

Opening yourself up makes you way more connected to your people, because you understand what they need. And that’s our job, to understand what they need and then give that to them. It also helps us to understand who we want to work with. When we understand who it is we need to serve, and how we need to serve them to get the best results, it makes us more relevant. It’s all about getting the best results as quickly as possible.

Don’t assume that what you’re putting out there is what they need, when they’re not saying anything. There is a massive, massive, massive percentage of our clients who say nothing, and we want them to say something in feedback, because it gives us a leg-up across everything we’re doing. It’s not just products, but it’s the messaging, it’s the content, it’s how we show up, it’s absolutely everything.

I would urge you guys to plan this focused listening into everything that you’re doing. You won’t regret it.

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