One of the biggest gifts you can give, is a gift to yourself.

That gift is the permission to be YOU.

Not a version of your coach, your mentor or an influencer you have on a pedestal (what you’re seeing probably isn’t real anyway).

Not who you THINK you should be.

Not a version of you.

Dialled down you.

Dialled up you.

Just YOU.

Because when we remove the mask, remove the shoulds, remove the people pleasing, we show the core, the essence, the truth … complete with all those little idiosyncrasies, nuances and flaws that make you so remarkably, beatifically, magically … you.

And when you do that, that’s when true connection happens, when you attract your soul clients, when your messaging suddenly has an air of je ne sais quoi, and people love it.

All of it.

Brash you.

Loud you.

Quiet you.

Weird thoughts you.

Weird desires you.

Vulnerable you.

You that cries at the drop of a hat, you.(That ones me)

All. Of. You.

Because this is what I want to see!

Not a sea of same.

Not the same bloody Facebook post that everyone has learned from their coach, just tweaked slightly.

But real thoughts, feelings, opinions.

That show who you truly are like a bright waving flag.

Because that’s when we sit up and take notice.

That’s when you attract the right people. Your soul clients.

Isn’t that what we want?



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