The difference between successful people and you

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Want to know what it takes to be successful?

These are a whole bunch of things successful folks do – those people you admire from afar. And guess what – if you’re not doing them, it’s easy enough to make a start!

Successful people understand that failure is both inevitable and welcomed.

Failure is a positive, as it will always teach you a valuable lesson you needed to learn. Once you get your head around this, fear of failure literally evaporates and doing anything new becomes exciting, instead of something to get anxious about.

Successful people don’t hustle.

Well some do, but I don’t see those guys as successful – they make me exhausted just watching them. The top dogs understand the importance of space to relax, of having a work/life balance, of putting their health first and watch out for signs of burnout before they become debilitating. Because life should be fun!

Successful people run schedules, not to-do lists.

To-do lists set us up for a fall. It’s all very well having a to-do list of 10 things for a day, but if your diary is maxed out then you have no time to do the things, and you just end up feeling shit at the end of the day. Instead, schedule the activities directly in your calendar and follow that instead. This one simple tweak was life-changing for this over committer!

Successful people work on their mindset.

All. The. Time. Meditate. Journal. Tap. Do yoga. Whatever it takes to create the mindfulness you need to stay high vibe and keep your mindset at it’s peak.

Successful people set boundaries and stick with them.

When I see someone with strong boundaries it’s usually the sign of a great leader. They’re essential to your success and if you don’t have them and hold them, you will find yourself pulled in so many directions. No boundaries = being on a hamster wheel for me. Nobody wants that.

Successful people invest in good mentors and coaches.

We ALL need support. No man (or woman) is an island. Just having someone there that you trust implicitly with your innermost thoughts is essential to growth. Pick well, my friends, and you will reap the rewards.

Successful people take risks.

If something is holding you back and it feels like fear, then do the thing anyway. All of my riskiest plays have turned out to be a success for me. I’d much rather take the risk than be left thinking ‘what if?’.

Successful people have a strategy and know how to implement it.

If you don’t have a plan that will get you to your big goal, then you have no way of getting there. And then having a plan with no time set aside to implement it is even worse – prioritise both of these things, they’re important.

Successful people listen to their instincts.

I talk about this a lot. You know you best. But with so many of us consumed by fear, we often miss out the internal messaging that has our best interests, and our success, at heart. Tune into you, you’ll uncover some wonderful things.

Successful people look after their health.

This is where I can fall down if I don’t stay vigilant. Exercise. Eat the right food for your body. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and have plenty of downtime where you’re not working.

Successful people commit to showing up every single day.

Even if you’re in a funk. If you put in 100%, you’ll get out 100%. It’s that simple.

Successful people come from a place of service, not ego.

This is important. So many people get to an income level and move too far into ego. This is when they lose people. You are here as a solution to your people’s problems. You are here to serve. Keep that close to your heart and you won’t go wrong.


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