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[tweetmeme] This is the second in the series of results that came out of my tools and apps survey a few weeks ago. The first post covered general social media tools. This second installment looks at the best Twitter tools, something you guys have been asking a lot about recently.

To recap: Out of the 80 people that responded, 90% were UK based, the remainder based in various locations across the globe. These people work in a range of sectors across various job roles, which surprised me. I was expecting a high percentage of marketing/pr/social media types but there was a great mix, from ‘first time mum’ through artist managers to business owners.

The survey was broken into the following categories:

  • General social media tools
  • Twitter tools
  • Other digital tools
  • Organisational tools
  • What did we miss?

I’ll be covering the other categories over the coming weeks.

So without further ado …

Twitter desktop clients

Tweetdeck hit the top spot, as expected with 64% of the votes, with Hootsuite following close behind with 44%. Both Seesmic and had 6.3% of users. Other clients used include Tweetie for Mac, Mixero, Destroy Twitter and Yoono.

Twitter mobile clients

Again Tweetdeck came out on top with 28%, followed by Tweetie (16%), Echofon (14%) and Twitterberry (3%). 11% said they didn’t use Twitter on the mobile. Other apps used include Twitter for iPhone, Hoostuite, Dabr, Gravity, Twittelator Pro, Boxcar, UberTwitter, Twitterific, Tweetcast, Seesmic, Tweetcaster, Osfoora. It’s good that people are giving other apps, outside of the favourites, a whirl. I may even try a few myself.

Twitter monitoring or listening tools

Tweetdeck, again, came out on top with 58% of the votes. I can understand this, setting up search columns in Tweetdeck is simple and navigating the desktop painless. Search.twitter is another favourite with 47% of the votes, and Hootsuite is behind that with 36% (again very easy to set up and navigate), 12% of the respondents use Google Real Time (good to see) and 12% don’t use anything (if you’re using Twitter and you’re not monitoring, you really are missing out on a core benefit – get in touch if you want to know more). Other tools used are Destroy Twitter, Bing Real Time, Twitterfall, Tweetbeep, BackType, CoTweet and good old Google Alerts.

Multiple user or account management tools

Hootsuite was the most common with 49% of respondents using it to manage the account, however 43% don’t use it at all. Not surprising considering the community that responded are primarily SME’s and individuals. CoTweet was used by 9% of the respondents. Others use Twitterific and Tweetie for Mac.

Twitter analysis/measurement tools

Interestingly, 36% don’t measure at all and 36% use Klout. I’m surprised that this number of Twitter users aren’t measuring the activity, particularly if it’s being used for business. It would be interesting to know how those that are using it for business are measuring the success. 27% are using Social Mention, 22% are using Tweetreach and 11% are making the most of Twinfluence. There were rather a lot of other tools added to the measurement pot, including Tweetlevel, WOMtrak, Scoutlabs, Tweasier, Twittergrader, Twitalyzer, Brandwatch, Google Analytics, Tweetstats, Peerindex, and Backtweets.

Tweet scheduling tools

44% of Tweeters favour Hootsuite (no big surprise there) with 25% using Tweetdeck. 3% are using Socialoomph and 33% are not scheduling at all. Other suggestions include CoTweet and Twaiter.

Follower management tools

67% don’t use anything at all, so they could be following irrelevant people or not following the right people at all. This is key , just by changing your Twitter landscape slightly can mean a huge difference to the conversations you’re having. 17% use Friend or Follow and 9% use Refollow. Other tools include MyTweeple, Linked In Twitter integration, Nutshell Mail (who send you an email daily of who has followed and unfollowed), Chirpstats, Socialoomph, Untweeps, TwitSweeper and whounfollowedme.

Finding people or searching subjects on Twitter

A large number of people are making the most of search.twitter (80%) which is good to see (this is a great tool, if you’ve not used it go and have a play, you may be surprised what you find). 20% of people use Twellow (like Twitter’s own Yellow Pages), 12% use Tweetmeme, 10% use Backtweets and 3% use Ice Rocket. 10% don’t use anything (again, you could be missing out here). Other tools include Tweetdeck, Destroy Twitter, Twitterific, Hootsuite, Tweepsearch, Listorious, Google and Mr Tweet.

So there you have it. Next up will be ‘other digital tools’.

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