Survey results: Other digital tools

[tweetmeme]Now for the third in the tools and apps survey series of where we looked at what other digital tools are being used. The first post covered general social media tools, while the second installment looks at the best Twitter tools.

There were 80 participants, of which  90% were UK based, the remainder based in various locations across the globe. These people work in a range of sectors across various job roles, which surprised me. I was expecting a high percentage of marketing/pr/social media types but there was a great mix, from ‘first time mum’ through artist managers to business owners.

The survey was broken into the following categories:

  • General social media tools
  • Twitter tools
  • Other digital tools
  • Organisational tools
  • What did we miss?

And now the results:

What do you use to organise and read web content?

My own personal favourite, Google Reader, came out on top with 56% of participants catching up on the latest. Next came Evernote with 29%, Instapaper with 14% and other readers 9%. Interesting to note is a rather large 25% don’t use anything, which makes me wonder how they’re digesting content online. Other options suggested were Yahoo Pipes, Alltop, iGoogle, Twingly, NetVibes, Twitter, NewsFire, Flipboard, Feedly, Early Edition (for iPad) and Read It Later.

What SEO tools do you use?

The clear leader here was Google Analytics with 87% of participants using this free analysis tool, behind that was Google’s keyword tool (51%), Get Clicky (8%) and Scribe (8%). Other tools included Alexa, SEOQuake, Google Insights, Webmaster Tools, Hitbox and Advanced Web Ranking.

Which mind mapping or brainstorming tools do you use?

65% aren’t using these tools at all (and if you’re not, give them a go – they can be really useful), 12% use MindMeister and 11% use Mindjet. Other suggestions were Mindnodes on iPad, OmniGraffle, Freemind, Popplet, Giffy, my brain and a whiteboard and good old pen and paper (no link to those).

Which file sharing tools do you use?

As expected, a large number use Dropbox (54%), 43% use Google Docs, 8% use Huddle. A nice number of alternatives were also suggested: Woobius, YouSendIt, JungleDisk, Humyo, Basecamp,, MobileMe and Livedrive.

Which emailer/newsletter tools do you use?

46% of participants aren’t using this at all while 23% were making the most of Mail Chimp (my personal favourite) with Constant Contact behind that with 8%. Other options include Dot Mailer, Inhouse Systems, Vertical Response, Group Mail, Blue Sky Factory, Campaign Monitor, Pure 360, Qmailer, DreamMail, Communigator, 3 Step Contact and icontact.

Which survey or poll tools do you use?

Survey Monkey came out on top with 67% (which I used for this particular survey and found extremely easy) and 8% use Survey Gizmo. Other options were Facebook, Linked In Surveys, Internal System, Zomerrang, Poll Daddy, Twtpoll, Google Spreadsheet Forms, Snap and Wufoo.

Which collaboration tools do you use?

43% aren’t using these tools while 40% are using Google Docs and 8% are using Huddle. Others include Google Wave (does that still exist?), Basecamp, Zoho, DimDim, Sharepoint, MindMeister, WikiDot and Unfuddle.

What do you think? Any surprises there? Are you using anything else?




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