The secret habits of successful entrepreneurs

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The longer I’ve been in business, the more successful people I get to hang around with (and I thank my blessings daily that I get to hang with some super talented, super successful, down-to-earth entrepreneurs who have got it GOING ON!), the more I realise there are some common success habits that make all the difference.

In fact, they can be the difference between being a success and not making it at all.

I honestly believe that the sooner you get yourself into the mindset of a successful person, the sooner you mix in those circles. The sooner you create daily, weekly and monthly success habits, the sooner you will BE a success. Well, along with having the right strategy, the right mindset and taking consistent, intentional action – of course.

So I thought I’d share some killer success habits that you can implement RIGHT NOW.

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Get SUPER clear on your vision, believe that it will happen and don’t lose sight of it.

I had my vision of buying our dream house for 3 years. At one point I didn’t know if I could get a mortgage. When we got the mortgage I didn’t know if I would get a big enough deposit (us self-employed folk are a bigger risk, apparently). But I NEVER thought it wouldn’t happen.

And it did, a month ago.

Be clear where you want to go and then align EVERYTHING you do with making it happen.

  • Your business goals.
  • Your habits.
  • Who you hang out with.
  • Everything.

I keep mine on an annual vision board, but if that’s a woo step too far, just be clear on the vision and keep it everywhere.

Journal, daily.

This is a HUGE one for me. If I stop doing it I see a big difference in my mindset. There are a number of ways to do this, and you need to select journaling prompts that work for you, but this is my particular journaling recipe, which I do each morning:

  • I write a gratitude list for EVERYTHING I’m grateful for.
  • I write a forgiveness list for anyone or anything that has wronged me (this includes myself most of the time)
  • I then write as my future me, now. I write out my big vision as if it’s already happened and include all the details. This is a massively uplifting exercise for me and I’ve been doing it long enough to see that most of those things I wrote came true. You are LITERALLY writing out your future.

Plan. Like your life depends on it.

I’ve tried every planner out there, but it wasn’t until I read the book The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran that my own way of planning clicked into place. It inspired me to create my own 90 Day Planning system that works for me, and this is what I teach my clients.

I plot out my three big goals for the 90 days and then list all actions that have to take place to make those goals happen. Those actions are then plotted out across the three months, and assigned to each week as I work through the month. This ensures I stay focused on my core goals (which are fully aligned with my big vision) and don’t meander off when shiny new objections fight for my attention.

Schedule Like a MOFO.

Once I have my plan, I schedule my actions into my calendar, alongside the other activities I have planned. This ensures I don’t run out of time or end up chasing my tail.

It also means that I can schedule in space to read, or create or just ‘be’. And that time is precious (and another success habit!). Successful people aren’t ALL hustlers, in fact, the people I admire the most are those that prioritise self-care, are aware of burnout triggers and schedule space to live. THIS is what it’s all about.

Work on your mindset on the 365.

Mindset work isn’t a “fix and leave it” situation. We constantly need to work on our mindset to ensure it evolves to support us as we grow. Journaling really helps with this, along with EFT, meditation, getting out in the fresh air and just ‘being’. These are as essential as doing the work. Sometimes more so.

Know you’ll always be learning.

I LOVE learning and will never get to a point where I think ‘I’m done’. Learning keeps us growing, it helps us to evolve into even better versions of ourselves and keeps us at the top of our game.

Each year I invest in books, courses and a coach or mastermind to keep me sharp.

Know your numbers.

Practice daily or weekly financial reviews. Look at revenue, costs, cash flow and profit. Knowing the financial health of your business is key to you growing it. It also does wonders for your money mindset too.

Don’t be afraid of failing.

All entrepreneurs fail. In fact, most fail more than they succeed. Getting into this mindset and being ok with failure is essential for you to continue and not throw in the towel. Again, work on your beliefs around this and ensure you clear any limiting beliefs.

Because failure is ESSENTIAL to success.

I’ll say that again, failure is ESSENTIAL to success.

Start your day with meditation or EFT.

These powerful mindfulness activities help you to start the day in the right mindset. They help to clear fear, get you out of a funk and take you out of limiting beliefs. My favourite is EFT, but meditation is just as powerful.

Understand your WHY.

Getting clear on your why is an essential part of driving you forwards. It gives you a deeper purpose than just ‘running a business’. It will pick you up when you fall, and turn a bad day around. Successful entrepreneurs know exactly WHY they’re doing what they do, and it keeps them focused.

Do you know yours?

Know your strengths, and outsource your weaknesses.

Now, this doesn’t work for startups who need to do most of the work themselves at the start, but once you’re able to outsource the stuff you’re not so good at, things really start to power up.

But until then, pick a weakness each year to work on and improve. This is often how I choose my coaches and was how I ended up working with Kendrick Shope when I was scared of selling. Now I love it.

Don’t chastise yourself for your weaknesses. We can’t ALL be good at everything. Just know what they are and get ready to outsource them as soon as you’re able.

Do everything with integrity.

My favourite successful folk live a life of integrity. They’re humble. They don’t flaunt how successful they are, because they have no need to. They treat people with the same respect, no matter who they’re dealing with.

THIS is the sign of a truly successful person.

Choose your inner circle wisely.

This is a big one, and a lesson I learned earlier this year. I felt a negative energy in the circles I was in, I had outgrown them and needed something more, yet I stayed because it was comfortable. But that didn’t serve me and just dragged me down.

Once I’d made a conscious decision to remove myself from anywhere that felt negative, everything changed.

Choosing the right inner circle that will support you and help you to evolve is essential to your personal growth (this is also why I love running masterminds – when you get the right group of people together, magic happens).

Create self-belief that will never be knocked, no matter what happens.

This is a core part of my work. Once I build self-belief in my clients, they can do anything. Before that happens, they all stall so many times. Working on that self-belief, keeping focused on that no matter what comes at you, will help you to survive pretty much anything.

Being clear on your strengths, your super powers, your achievements, your backstories and the things you’ve survived so far in this wondrous life, will help you to stay connected to that inner belief.

Show up consistently and put in 100%.

Entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch, they take the knocks, get back up, learn from them and move on to the next thing. They show up, every day, they do the work, they put in 100% ALWAYS, because they believe in themselves and their vision.

THIS is what it takes. And you can do that too. Right now.

Fancy swiping a downloadable version of this (and getting your hands on a printable reminder to keep above your desk)? Do it here.


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