The ONE thing you need to succeed in business

Recently, I’ve been sharing a lot more of my personal story with the lovely folks on my email list. The dark stuff. The messy stuff. The stuff that’s shaped me into the woman, the mum, the leader I am today.

I’ve shared how big my ‘not enoughness’ was.

I’ve shared how, even after everything that happened to me, I was able to create a dream life.

And I’ve shared that there was one big thing that kept me going. One big thing that can help anyone succeed in business.

That big thing was belief.

Belief that I would be ok. Belief that I would achieve what I wanted. Belief that I could do anything.

And I truly believe that. Even in my moments of doubt (hey, we all have them).

And I believe it’s the same for you too.

You just need to believe.

Last year I took this one step further and created something I call The Belief Matrix.

This is something I use with all my clients to build their self-belief. It’s interwoven into everything I do, even when my clients don’t actually know that I’m subtly behind-the-scenes, building their belief in themselves.

Because here’s the thing, when you’re running a business, if YOU don’t believe in you. in your message, in your offers, then neither will your customers.

The moment you have 100% unwavering belief in all that you are and all that you do in business, so will everyone else.

And THAT, my friends, is bloody gold dust.

Yes, strategy is important (and my strategies are pretty damn amazing).

Yes, your message is important.

Yes, getting the right offers in place is important.

Yes, marketing is important.

But none of them work without your belief.

So if you’re riddled with self-doubt, if you don’t believe in yourself or your business, THIS is where you need to start.


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