Stepping Into The Breakthrough

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Create Your Breakthrough Business: Stepping Into The Breakthrough

Let’s dive into the third in my podcast series of Create Your Breakthrough Business. If you’re doing all the things, are feeling frustrated as everyone around you has big breakthroughs and wondering, “When is it going to be me?” then this is for you.

So far in the series, you’ve identified where your mindset might be holding you back from the breakthrough you need, reviewed your past actions and identified improvement opportunities, and created your vision with actions aligned to bring it to life. If you haven’t heard the first two episodes yet, go back and take a listen.

In this episode, I’m talking about creating a step by step roadmap for your vision. Let’s get clear on how to clear the road of any distractions, and help you pick up speed on the way to your breakthrough in business.

Listen to this episode here:

  • Think about the three big, non-negotiable goals you want to achieve this year. How do they help you achieve your vision?
  • Accept that your success is your responsibility, nobody else’s. Not your coach, not your mentor, not the programme you’re on, not the people in your mastermind. When you take full responsibility for your success, you’re less likely to fall into victim mode and your results will happen much faster.
  • Create a six month plan to meet those three big goals. Think about The Power Of One (check out the last episode for more) and bring your focus down to the essential actions to meet those goals.
  • Beware of over-committing. When you’re realistic about what you can get done, you allow yourself the space and time to focus and will get much better results. Look at where you can simplify and strip your plan back to something that’s feasible.
  • Focus on revenue generating goals. Identify tasks that will help you to meet that big one year revenue target, then prioritise them. Creating revenue in your business always needs to be your priority. Always.
  • Start selling right away. The minute you’ve done your research, validated your idea, and know what audience you’re going for, start selling. Not once you’ve built the audience/nailed the brand/finished the website. Start selling immediately because you only need one person to make a sale and you’re flying.
  • Get comfortable with selling. If it feels icky, switch your mindset to one of ‘selling is serving’. If you struggle with sales, take a look at my Daily Sales Checklist and implement in your business right away.
  • What needs to change? Look back at what hasn’t worked or where you’ve been out of alignment, and think about how you do things differently now.
  • 3 things to help you trust yourself:
    • A daily mindset support system.
    • A clear plan of what to do next to meet those goals and bring your vision to life. 
    • The practical actions and support you need to make it all happen.
  • Get clear on what support you need to make your plan a reality.What do you need to invest in to make change happen? It could be identifying a book that’s going to fill a skills gap. The sooner you invest, the sooner you’ll change, the sooner you’ll get different results.
  • Ask what ‘future you’ would do. Don’t operate from past beliefs because they are irrelevant. Operate from the future you that you are working towards and make decisions based on that today. 
  • Accept that creating a breakthrough isn’t easy. Your mindset/technology/other people may trip you up. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But I promise you, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. It’s worth the discomfort, and with the right support, it can be easier.
  • Revisit your one year goals and write your three main goals down, then journal on these questions:
    • How do those goals can help you to achieve your big vision?
    • How you can support yourself in achieving those goals? Be clear on gaps and fill them as fast as you can. 
    • How can you step into the future you, the you 2.0, to make those goals happen?
    • What do you need to do over the next six months to break through and achieve your one year goals? 
    • What tasks have to happen? 
    • How much time do you have to dedicate to that? 
    • Is it too complicated? Can you strip it back and simplify?
    • Which of your activities are revenue generating? Prioritise those, do something every single day to create revenue in your business.


For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.